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January 15, 2019

Maybe "terror" is a bit strong, but it was...something.

I had no idea, when Walt and I settled down to watch  TV after dinner, that my night would turn out so badly.

We watched the democratic debate and then the Jeopardy Greatest of all Time finale.  It has been discussed on the news and on Facebook and in the newspaper, so I hope it's not a spoiler for anyone who has not yet watched the episode, but I'm thrilled that Ken Jennings won.

Brad Rutter is, I think, getting too old to play the game.  For someone who has done as brilliantly in the past, he did terribly on this competition.  Answered very few questions and got most of them wrong.  He speculated that age made it difficult to remember as he has had in the past.  James Holzhauer, however, is the up and coming greatest champ.  He and Jennings ran neck and neck for all of their competitions but Ken had the luck of hitting the "double jeopardy" questions at the right time more than once.

I have a theory about both Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer.  I swear that after winning more than $2 million on the show, Ken finally decided to quit.  The question that he missed, which lost him the championship was not a difficult one and I think he answered wrong deliberately.  As for Holzhauer (whom I fear I never liked, unlike Jennings), on his last game, he was almost going to surpass Jennings in winnings if he won that game and I think he decided not to take that title from Ken and that he, too, deliberately missed a question that was not that difficult in Final Jeopardy.  I'll never know, of course, but I feel both very strongly.

Anyway, after Jeopardy, we caught up on NCIS and then Walt went to bed while I watched a couple of more programs. 

I was feeling slightly dizzy, but not bad.  Just aware that if I turned my head to the right too far, I felt slightly dizzy.  This is nothing unusual.  It happens all the time and I didn't think anything about it until I decided to turn off the TV and head to the couch to go to sleep.

When I sat up, I had a strong wave of dizziness and when I tried to stand up, I could not.  I struggled to get to a standing position and tried to take a step and lost my balance and plopped down in the chair again.  I checked my blood sugar and it was normal. 

Sitting in the recliner, I was barely aware of any dizziness at all, but every 10 minutes or so I would try to get up and could not.

It was getting slightly desperate as I really needed to get to the bathroom. 

Ned frequently takes Bouncer outside around midnight and I hoped he'd be bringing her down so he could help me stand up and get to the bathroom and then to the couch to sleep.  I tried sending mental messages to Bouncer that she really needed to go out, but she ignored me.

I thought of calling Walt on his cell phone, but I think he turns it off at night and I didn't think he'd answer me.  Ned's phone doesn't ring so I knew he wouldn't hear me.  Fortunately I have great bladder control.  I decided I would just spend the night in the recliner.  But I really wanted to get to the bathroom and I must have tried four times, at about 10 or 15 minute intervals to stand up, unsuccessfully.  Once I actually took a step and it again threw me backwards into the chair.

I didn't want to post a message on Facebook but was sorry that there was no pen and/or paper nearby because if this was something that might kill me in the night, I wanted people to know how it started (that's how dramatic I was being!)

Finally, thank goodness, I was able to stagger from the chair to the couch to hold on to and from there to the wall and down to the bathroom.  The dizziness was slightly less, but I still had to hang on to the walls in the bathroom.  Thank goodness it's such a tiny bathroom.

Then I was able to make it to the couch holding on to furniture in the living room.  Once I was lying on the couch, the dizziness was gone.  I didn't check it by sitting up.  I went to sleep almost immediately and in the morning everything was fine.

Nothing like this has ever happened before and I sincerely hope it will never happen again.  I was wishing that my walker was not in the trunk of the car because I think I could have stood up if I had that to hang on to.  I may bring it in the house tonight...just in case.


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