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November 25, 2019

Yesterday was the day to organize the kitchen.  To take everything out of everywhere and put back what we are keeping and get rid of what we have in excess (5 cheese graters, for example).  So once again, the kitchen table was filled.

The thing Ned has been dying to do, even before they moved in, was to get rid of the overhead cupboards in the kitchen.

The cupboards have never bothered me (especially now that I'm so short), but Ned is too tall and can't see the TV in the family room without bending over.  He has been dying to get rid of them altogether.  They made a start by removing everything, but probably won't actually remove the cupboard until after Thanksgiving in case it's more complicated than he thinks it's going to be.

It used to be that I was forever leaving the doors on the cupboards open and then hitting my head on the door.  I did that for years.  At some point, I started having stabbing pains in my head for months and I finally decided that I was giving myself mini concussions, so I started being very conscientious about closing the doors, I stoppped hitting my head and the headaches went awayl

Wholistic medicine!

Everything was put away by dinner  time and the table was clear again.  It  still isn't exactgly organized but at least it was a start.  Ned and Marta were so sore by the end of the day that they are very happy they had a hot  tub to soak in.


Bri's team won the championship
They won 5 games in a row and didn't
give up a single goal in the whole tournament!


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