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21 March 2019

Phil and Greg are two of Ned's best friends.  They've know each other since high school (or earlier) and have continuously been actively in each other's lives for all these years.  I still remember that I always knew when Greg came in the house because he's about 10 feet tall and all I had to do was look at the dog and see how far up she was looking to know that it was Greg

Phil and Ned talk on the phone frequently and Ned and Greg still do lots together.

So it was great to be invited to dinner at the home of Greg and his wife Kendra last night.  Their sons have grown up and are out on their own, so I want to say it was only the adults, but of course Walt and I are old enough to be everybody's parent, so from our perspective it was just us and the kids.  We sat around the fire pit and visited while Greg got ready to barbeque.


Phil, the "greatest dog lover of all time" got up close and personal with Reese.

Jon, whose house was flooded in the recent rains, was less enamored

Ned helped Greg with dinner (or at least entertained while Greg cooked).

The dinner was delicious.  Greg had cooked the beef "sous vide" and it was amazing.  I had to come home and look up more about sous vide.  But everything was delicious and we sat at the table late (8:30 p.m....which shows how old I am!). Walt and I finally went home and the others promised to bring Jeri and Phil back, but around 3 a.m., I had a text message saying they were spending the night and would see us in the morning.  Phil is leaving tonight and taking the train to Oregon to visit his family and they wanted to spend as much time as possible with Greg, I think.  As I write this, at 11 a.m., there is still no sign of anybody, though Ned said that the plan today was just to "hang out" before Phil leaves.




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