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8 March 2019

They turned off our water today, from 8 to 4.  I managed to get coffee made and the morning bathroom trip done before 8, then napped off and on thru the morning and went to my dentist appointment early to use her bathroom.  After my appointment, I stopped at Trader Joe's and by the time I got home, the water was turned on.

It was never a problem anyway, since we have two full 5 gallon bottles of water and another half full in the house.

In the middle of the morning, I received a texted video from Sandy of my mother playing a keyboard with some other music in the background.  He said she was doing well.  It was so sweet of him to send that and I very much appreciated it.  I slept my first really good night of sleep in a couple of weeks last night and I think it was because I was no longer worried about her.

My appointment with Cindy was the first of two that will result in a new crown on an upper molar.  I always enjoy my appointments when Cindy does the work because it gives us a chance to catch up.

Also, there is always something interesting on the ceiling and this one was a new one for the "procedure" area.  She says she bought it at a fund raiser.  I just thought it was kind of cool.

She drilled and drilled and drilled .... never any pain, thank goodness ..... and then she had to go and do a quick exam, so left me sitting up.  I got up and got my phone and took this picture.

Always wondered what my x-rays looked like, but never thought to ask before!

There was still another hour of work before I was finished

Then when it was all over, I went to Trader Joe's, mostly because they have the cheapest butter in town (Walt tells me) but also I realized I hadn't been anywhere other than the theater twice, in weeks.  It was nice to walk around TJ's, but it was also dangerous.  There was so much cool stuff that I couldn't resist -- French style flat bread with mushrooms, gnocci al gorgonzola, some snack bars called "a strawberry walks into a bar," the chocolate croissants I love, mushroom spinach quiche, and a few other things. 

These were only 95 cents and I admit I bought them mainly for the picture, but they promised to be "loaded with peanut flavor" (which they aren't) so I was intrigued.

I actually had to make myself NOT go through the whole store because there was so much that I wanted to add to my cart.

I came home and cooked the gnocci for dinner, which were delicious.

But I really have to stay out of Trader Joe's.



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