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20 June 2019

I did not see my dentist Cindy today.   I think that's a good thing.  My hygienist cleaned my teeth, told me they were in fairly good shape, and did not go to get Cindy to double check.  I always enjoy those brief chances to get caught up when the hygienist has some question about further care..  But didn't she had no such questions today...and no need to make an appointment to fix a problem the hygienist found.  Mixed feelings!

As for mixed feelings, boy did I get them today on Facebook.

I have a friend with whom I have been friends for more than 50 years.  People marvel that we remain friends since we have pretty much nothing in common other than a shared history.  Politically, religiously, and very other "" we have very strong disagreements, yet we seem to get along, for two reasons -- first, we rarely see each other (once a year, or every other year), and second, when we do see each other, we remember the good times 50 years a go, we talk about our children, mutual friends, our hobbies, dementia (they have experienced it in parents as well), the usual "organ recital," and entertainment we have all enjoyed.  We have nice meals, enjoy the view from their house, etc.  And then it will be a year or more until we see them again.

My friend is not on Facebook...and in fact she and her husband are so fiercely private that they won't even let photos of them with their grandchildren to be posted.

But it's pretty clear what her political views are...and I steer way clear of politics because I love her and I do value our friendship.

Today one of her children posted this message (which I  quote in its entirety so as not to risk quoting bits and pieces out of context.

I truly enjoyed our Presidentís rally to be re elected. I know that there is much hate towards him , however I think he is leading our country in the right direction. Negotiations instead of wars, strong trade negotiations that are really working, kindness towards the helpless unborn and preemies ( aka New York) , strength again Iran and tough negotiations with North Korea without caving, negotiations to bring so many captives in foreign countries that have been brought home, wow. Key word= negotiations not war. I know that a lot of people hate him, however the list of good things he has done cannot be ignored. Heís very far from a saint, but Iím watching a Hollywood celeb growing up. I expect attacks against me but my husband and I and our extended family stand firm. Oh yeah, check your 401K and the stock market.

I did not comment, of course.  But I know that I am on this person's friend list and I wonder if my views over the past 3 years with regard to #45 have been communicated to my friend.  All it would take is one open conversation to end the friendship over politics and/or religion and I don't want to do that.  But my stomach is churning to read this message, wondering how these people, whose morals I know very well, can possibly accept all of the shit that we see coming out of this president.

Nobody in the family, for example, has expressed a single thing about the kidnapped kids held in prisons around the country, though concern for children has been a huge deal in their lives for all the years I've known them.

kindness towards the helpless unborn and preemies  -- but not, apparently born children ripped from the arms of mothers trying to protect them from violence in their home country.


I don't know when we will next get together, but I know the Facebook message will be in my head most of the time, though I'm sure I won't say anything.  I never do.


We can't even discuss sports....
my friend is as avid a  Dodgers fan, as I am a Giants fan


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