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5 June 2019

I get pop-up ads on my cell phone all the time telling me if I play this or that game on line for just  5 minutes a day, it will boost my memory.  The 1001 Game (I think that's what it's called) that I play all the time is supposed to boost my memory.  It's good I play it because I hate to think what my memory would be like if I didn't.  The older I get the worse my memory is.  I am terrible at names, and even at faces.  Walt can meet a grown man on the street and remember him, by name, though he has not seen him in years, because he once coached him in Little League when he was in grammar school.  I often can't remember who you are if you ring up my groceries every week.

There was a guy I used to see around town and it took me MONTHS of agonizing over where I knew him before I realized he was the clerk at a stationery store I used to frequent.  Out of context, I hadn't a clue who he was.

One of my favorite memory games is "what am I wearing?"  Given my weird sleeping habits, I sometimes sleep in pajamas, sometimes fall asleep in the clothes I wore all day.  So when I am lying in the dark I try to remember what I have on.  No fair touching any part of my body to check for flannel or denim.  And if I remember I am wearing a t-shirt, which one?  This game can go on so long it puts me back to sleep again.

There's the "what did I come into this room for?" game, which involves retracing my steps many times trying to remember what in the world got me out of my chair and into the rest of the house..."

Another game, the "Ralph Bellamy" game, involves looking at someone on  TV and trying to remember their name.  My cheat sheet for this game is IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base).  I remember that the guy was in that movie about wine, with what's his name who was in the chick flick with what's her name....?  I can go on like that forever until I finally get an actual name I know and then, working backwards checking that name and the "filmography" for that person eventually remember that it was Ralph Bellamy who was in Sunrise at Campobello.

Today I went to the store for two things.  I had done a shopping the day before but forgot to get brown sugar and something else.  I wandered around the store for a long time and never did remember what I was supposed to get, but bought a bunch of other things. (At least I did remember to get brown sugar.  ACK!  Vanilla!  That was what I was supposed to get!!!)

The older I get the worse my memory gets.  I don't often lose my keys because there is a hook right inside the front door where I put them when I come in the door.  If I forget to put them there, good luck finding them.  Likewise, I have to put my glasses in the same place every night or I need a seeing eye dog to find them.

I keep a notebook app on my phone with a file called "who is...?" with the names of people I can never remember.  Like the women living at Eldervilla.  The names of the children of Tom's friends.  The names of the people we see at the theater all the time who always talk to me and whom I NEVER remember.  The name of the partner of people I used to work with.  My doctor's nurse's name.  Our neighbor's daughter's name.  Friends of one of my colleagues who often come to the theater too and whom I would not remember without my "who is..." app.

When I start losing these little memory aids, I'll know that I'm finally ready to be on the waiting list for Eldervilla.  If I even remember the name of the place by then.

With all the photos I've been posting of all the book stacks we're going through to decide which to discard, I thought it might be interesting to see not the 22+ boxes we have filled, but the books we have (so far) decided to keep.

 On the floor are boxes of slides which we will deal with eventually, on the top of the cabinet are things that have been moved from the bathroom and other rooms that are going to be reorganized, and on the table are books we have decided not to donate or throw away.  Two of the boxes are children's books I'm taking to the girls (Laurel will hate me for that!)  I don't expect they will want most of them, and some of them (like "Little Women") might not interest them until later, if at all, but better let THEM throw something away instead of us!

I also counted today and there are SIX mattresses (or box springs) in the living room.  All of those will be going to the dump eventually, along with the guest bed mattress which everyone agrees is the most comfortable bed in the house, but is over 40 years old and when you lift up the mattress, it falls apart, probably from disintegrating foam or whatever it is stuffed with.  It probably has raised many families of bed bugs over the years.  I don't want to think about it.  Because it is the most comfortable bed in the house. 

My mother and her husband gave us the bed. A couple in an apartment complex where they were living were killed in an accident on the Golden Gate Bridge.  I don't know how Fred (my mother's husband) got the task of cleaning out their apartment, but as a result of that, we got the bed. 

I guess this year is going to have to go down as "the year of reorganization" but the good thing about it, I guess, is that if we can live through the chaos we'll be better off eventually.  Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

Now I'm going to go watch the movie with that guy who was in the movie about wine and hope that it will put me to sleep.  I must remember that I'm wearing my giraffe t-shirt...


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