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31 July 2019

I'm  trying to decide how best to celebrate National Avocado day.  I mean, from all the reports avocados may soon be in short supply and we need to honor them.  Or something.

It's hard to believe that avocados will ever be in short supply in California, since it seems that avocado orchards are everywhere.

In fact, whenever we drive from Alice Nan's house to Tom's house in Santa Barbara, we pass by a big avocado orchard.

Avocados, which have been part of my life all of my life, are suddenly the new "in" thing.  It is apparently a trendy gourmet treat to have avocado toast, something that seems silly to pay big bucks for--take a piece of bread, toast it, smear avocado on it, and enjoy.  Is there more to it than that?

I read an article in researching National Avocado Day and found out that Oprah (who lives near Tom)  bought an avocado orchard because she feels avocados were too expensive in the store.

That's a nice way to get around the price of avocados, but it takes years for a tree to bear fruit, if you have an orchard you probably also have someone to take care of the orchard.  Doesn't seem like even the most expensive of avocados compare in cost! 

I wonder how much they had to pay for this one...could they get a refund?

Char actually grew an avocado tree from a seed once.  it took years to be big enough to bear fruit, but I don't think it ever did--or they moved before it did.

Walt usually buys our avocados at the farmer's market...or I pick up a bunch of them when they are on sale in a bag at the supermarket.

I love avocados in salad, or sliced with a bit of balsamic drizzled on top of them.  Avocados on toast are a good lower-calorie replacement for butter  (Of course I usually add butter on the boast because (a) I like the taste of butter mixed with avocado and (b) it makes the avocado taste saltier -- and of course it adds calories which I need like a hole in the head)

But of course the best reason for avocados is guacamole.  I used to make mine with mayonnaise until Marta shuddered at the thought, so now I just smash avocados and add "stuff" like green chilies, garlic, cumin, chili powder and I sometimes add canned salsa to sneak a bit of onion in (Marta and Walt both hate onions)

But avocados are so versatile that bonappetit has a web with over 50 recipes to share.

I haven't tried avocado ice cream, but they say it's good. . Somehow I think that the taste is so mild that it's like mimosas--a waste of good champagne and good orange juice, in this case a waste of good avocado and good ice cream!

I also haven't tried chocolate avocado pudding.  And probably won't.

But guacamole is a good possibility with dinner tonight...  If you're reading this during the daytime, head to Chipotle...they are reportedly giving away free guacamole with meals today.




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