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11 July 2019

We have never had this much "alone time (without Brianna)" with Lacie  -- ever. Alice Nan has had a lot of time with her for the past 7 years, but even she admits she has never had this much alone time with Lacie and without Brianna.  But the regular babysitter is on vacation, and since Tom and Laurel work, they are really lucky that Alice Nan is so generous with her time and can help them out so much

We picked Lacie up from dance camp again and went to Taco Bell (her favorite place) for lunch and then AN, who has been doing a great job figuring out Lacie-themed things to do, decided we would go to the natural history museum, which Lacie pouted was "boring (which seems to be her favorite word if there are 2 minutes without getting anything she considers fun...usually a game she invents.

She pouted all the way to the museum and reluctantly got out of the car, but then I got the idea to challenge her to find 5 interesting things in the museum and then make up a quiz game to play in the car later. That seemed to work and we actually spent 4 hours there with live butterflies, fake dinosaurs, and an ecology exhibit which may have been the most fun of all.

(see the butterfly on her arm?)

We had a taco dinner at Tom's, with the chef decked out in his new 49er birthday finery.

It was going to be our chance to find out what Bri has been doing for the last 3 days, since she's been living in a dorm at UC Santa Barbara.  While waiting for Bri to get home from her softball practice, Walt and Alice Nan were seated at the counter while Tom was cooking and Lacie hopped up onto the counter and decided she wanted to play "go fish."


Walt and Alice were good sports, but Lacie was so loud and demanding, interrupting conversations, it was very annoying and I finally got angry with her for interrupting what Alice was saying yet again and that she should wait her turn.

Later, while Brianna was getting cleaned up from softball practice and Lacie and I were seated alone at the table waiting for the others to join us, Lacie said, quietly, "Do you know why I hate chit chat?"  When I said I didn't know, she said, quietly, "because it's never about me!" which I actually thought was a nice thoughtful answer and made sense in her 7 year old mind.

We tried to leave as quickly as possible after dinner since everyone was exhausted and they needed to get some sleep...since it would be another busy day the next day

Word from Ned is that they hit a snag (more termites) and suggested it would be best for us to stay here another day so we will now drive home on Friday, which means we will be here for LaCie's dance recital tomorrow. 


The girls show team spirit by dying their hair team colors.

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