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2 July 2019

Just a warning that Walt and I are going to Santa Barbara on Wednesday and will be there at least a week, possibly a few days longer.  Ned and Marta are moving in here so they can do the BIG rennovations that will be easier to do if Walt and I are not here.  I am SO looking forward to seeing my new guest bathroom, which I think is going to be gorgeous. They have talked me into finally getting rid of the 45 year old wallpaper (though we all still love it). 

...and going with something a big more modern (I think they are going to be painting it instead.). 

This is all going to look different too...

The design they are working on is to complement that blue-framed picture on the vanity.  I know what Marta intends, but I don't have a clear picture in my mind.  However, I've seen the new floor tile (also the back tile above the sink) and it's gorgeous--and unusual.  The mirror business is going and being replaced with a new medicine cabinet.  And the sink will be new (though the under-sink cabinet will remain there, but repainted).

The bathroom is just one of the big plans for the week, which includes making long-needed repairs, replacing the kitchen sink and I don't know what else. 

By the time we get home, the two dogs should have bonded nicely, which is nice because they will soon be living together full time.

HOWEVER, the possible warning is that every time I take my very old, decrepit laptop to Santa Barbara, I fear that this will be the time that it doesn't work.  I'm hoping it will work, in its frustratingly slow fashion, but in case there are no new entries on Funny the World, know that I will be writing on Airy Persiflage with or without photos.  Photos will be added when we get home.

And yes, I need a new laptop, but since newer laptops won't accept the programs I use all. the. time., I'm going to stick with this, frustrating as it is, until I absolutely can't do it any longer.

I should mention that this is Tom's annual 4th of July birthday party, which, this year, should be extra special because he turns 49 and, for an avid 49er fan, this, not the 50th, is definitely the Big One.


Cooling off in Boston

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