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8 February 2019

I don't know if her name was Judy, but my mother was on the giving end of the "punch."  They told me she started acting aggressive yesterday and today punched someone in the arm, so...dammit...they want her checked for a UTI.  That means getting her to Kaiser, which is always a hassle under the best of circumstances, and then getting a urine sample out of her, which is nigh on to impossible.  I am not looking forward to it.  I think I will make the appointment for Friday because Alice arrives tomorrow and she can help me with her.

Tom is en route home,  He and Walt went out to lunch today and then Tom packed up Walt's new computer and took it home with him. He needs to download software from Microsoft, but our router is so slow, he thought it would be faster to download it at his house and bring it back in a couple of weeks when he is on his way to Tahoe to take the girls skiing.

We are definitely heading in the direction of a cable modem but I'm going to wait for Ned to get here because I had difficulty understanding what I wanted when I tried to figure it out on the internet.  And I didn't want to call "Tony" in New Delhi to get him to explain it to me.

Before he left, Tom and I went to Atria to visit with my mother, who called me "mom" when she hugged me, after first not knowing who I was.   Tom also got comments I think she meant for Ned.  She said there was no way she could be where he is if it weren't for Tom because he's just always there and has done so much for her.  Since distance makes that impossible, but Ned IS there frequently, I just assumed she was saying that for Ned.  She did ask him when he was going to graduate from high school and how many kid he was going to have.

He showed her pictures of the kids, who she thought were very cute but I really can't understand why ever since this dementia took hold of her, you cannot say anything which brings home to her that these children are her great grandchildren.  She only sees them as cute kids.

When I got home, there was a call from Atria saying they wanted her examined for a urinary tract infection because of her behavior the last couple of days.  I made an appointment for her for tomorrow, but then they called back and said she had to be seen TODAY.  As it was already 5 p.m. and there is no emergency room at Kaiser Davis, this meant going back to our old friends the emergency room in Vacaville. 

She was NOT happy at. all. to be going to the doctor.  She grumbled and muttered all the way there (a 25 minute drive) but I couldn't hear anything she said.  At one point I pulled the car over so I could hear her over the noise of the road but she said she hadn't said anything.  (She also was highly indignant when I told her that we were going to see a doctor because she punched someone today.  She NEVER hit anybody.  Ever, she says, and that the staff at Atria is just wrong. Sounded like the State of the Union for awhile there.)

We did the usual ER thing (we hadn't been there in...oh...days) and after a long wait, the doctor says there is no sign of infection, so I guess she has just decided to become belligerent.  I hope it doesn't get worse and they decide to throw her out of the place.

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