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December 27, 2019

Ned is building again.  Having lost the overhead cupboards, there was no place to put things that I normally found there, and he also wanted to clear the counter as much as possible of the things I kept there to have handy at all times (things like sugar, raisins, several kinds of salt, etc.).  So he built a set of shelves to go on the wall to hold all of those things and still leave the kitchen open.

It is so perfect!  When the holidays are completely over, he's going to take down all the things shelf things he's built around here so they can all be painted before going back up permanently.

While Ned was building, I was continuing the organization of my office.  More and more things are going in containers, so less likely to be spread out all over my desk when I'm "creating" something. 

In the afternoon Marta and I went shopping.  We each took a shopping cart and each filled it heaping full.  I was buying a turkey for dinner  tomorrow and was hoping to find the remaining turkeys on sale. And I did. $2.39/pound.  Not noticing that there were two different brands of  turkeys and only one sign, I picked the size I wanted and put it in my basket.

When the groceries were rung up, I noticed that the turkey was $74!  I pointed out that the sign said $2.39 and the clerk called someone on his phone and said that no, the OTHER turkeys were $2.39.  The turkey I had chosen was a Branigan turkey, the kind The Psychiatrist used to give me each Christmas when I was working for him.  I knew those were very expensive.

The clerk said he would go check on the sign and I told him to take the Branigan's back with him and just get me one of similar size in the other brand.

He came back in a few minutes, still carrying the Branigan's turkey and said that I was right--there was no sign about price over the Branigans, so he would sell it to me at the $2.39 price.  When he rang it up a second time, it was $40 less than it had been originally.  I was stoked.  In truth, to my taste buds, turkey is turkey but getting a $74 turkey for $34 thrilled me and I will be sure to notice how good it is when I cook it tomorrow!

Marta and I each spent over $100 (me close to $200) and when I was going over in my mind what I'll be cooking and how to cook it, I realized that while I had all the ingredients to make the green bean casserole, I had forgotten  to actually buy the green beans.



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