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27 August 2018

We went  to see The Gondoliers by the Lamplighters yesterday.  It was playing in Livermore, about an hour and a half from Davis.  We went to Livermore because Char lives close by and we were meeting her and her friend Connie.  This was the first test for my walker in a big theater and it worked fine.  Walt had chosen our seats wisely.

The show was wonderful, of course.  I can no longer say they get "better and better" because it would be hard to get much better.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.

At intermission, Char, Connie and I stayed in our seats while Walt went out.  Connie reached in her purse and pulled out a piece of string cheese, which she slowly ate until intermission was over.

String cheese!  What a great snack.  I had an instant craving for string cheese and told Walt that the next time he went to the store, he should get some string cheese.

All the way home, I was craving string cheese (as of  this writing, he still hasn't been to the store).

This morning when I woke up at 3, I was feeling kind of "fuzzy" and took my blood sugar, and discovered it was pretty low, so I got up and had a bottle of Boost (which brought the level back to normal).

I went on the internet to check on low blood sugar since my problem has forever been that it is too HIGH.  The one thing I learned about low blood sugar is that if you have it, you should do something like eat a piece of fruit....or a couple of string cheeses!

Walt will be going to the store soon, and string cheese is definitely on his list!

(As I am writing this, I am nibbling on a block of Brie cheese, which is not quite the same.)

And guess where we went this morning.  KAISER!  We hadn't been there for two whole days.

My neurologist called me at 9 while Walt was a Kaiser in Vacavlle.  The neurologist and I had a nice chat and he said he would see me on Wednesday (I see him in Sacramento at 3 and the nurses in Davis for my butt lesion around 10.  Maybe we can have lunch in Sacramento.  I told the neurologist that I've figured out that this whatever it is is primarily right sided and also told him that Walt discovered that if he pushed on my back, I could get up more easily than trying to lift me up. 

He said he may have to do a nerve conduction study.  I had one maybe 15 years ago for two numb fingers (which are still numb, but not as badly).  I recall I was pleasantly surprised that it was not painful.  At first.  By the end, I felt like I was having a lengthy electrocution.  I can only imagine that this one will be longer and possibly worse.  But if we get a name to this whatever it is, that will be good.  If we can cure it it will be even better.

I did have some great progress, though.  I am almost always able to get my left leg in the car now.  That's a great point gained!  And I twice got my right foot in, with difficulty, but that was a first, so it was a triumph.  Today not so lucky.

Ned has given me 3 lb weights and I can lift one 4-1/2 times with my left hand and not at all with my right....except yesterday it went straight up five times!  When I tried then next time I could not get the arm to move up at all.

All these little bits of body information lead me to realize that a nerve conduction really is necessary because it seems that everything I notice about this whatever it is is nerve related.

Today Ned took Walt and me to kaiser.  Me for a blood test, Walt get a new prescription.  After my test was over and I was waiting with Walt for them to find his medicine (they only found  2 pills and he has to come back for the rest!), i went to stand up, and if Ned had not been behind me I would have fallen again, because I lost my balance.  Ned put his hand on my spine on the "sweet spot" that Walt has discovered and I got myself righted without embarrassing myself again.

I use the walker even in the house.  I don't really need it in the house because there are so many convenient walls and pieces of furniture to grab on to and in many instances, I probably could go without it outside the house but incidents like the near-fall today make me uncomfortable going anywhere, even down the hall to the bathroom, without it.

Tomorrow, barring an unforeseen complication (or my mother's need for the Emergency Room) we have no planned trips to Kaiser.  We make up for it on Wednesday with two visits in two different facilities.

For the rest of the day, I'm going to lie back and wait for Walt to bring me string cheese.




I'd never seen one of these trucks before
and today we saw THREE of them.

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