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9 August 2018

Well, it was one of those mornings that was good sometimes, bad sometimes, but something I don't want to get into, so this will be a short entry.  But tears were shed, walls were kicked, apologies made.

The frustration was intensified by the walls I ran into in several places, including Kaiser, trying to get back on line so I can check the number results of the blood test I took yesterday, which had been emailed to the Kaiser account I can't access.  I was talking to an advice nurse who said she had my file and was looking at the result but could not tell me because of HIPAA regulations.  (How I hate HIPAA),

I called customer services and received an e-mail telling me to call member services, and giving me that number.

I called that number and connected with member services, but it was in Oregon and they have no information about California.

She gave me another number to call for technical support and the nice operator would give me a temporary password if I could correctly answer 3 questions.  I swear I never gave the answers to those questions before.  Two were easy, but the first was "what is your favorite book" and could not for the life of me  think of what I would have answered, so all she could do was put in a request to have a temporary password emailed to me and I should get it in three to five days!!!!!

(Damn...I just remembered the book...too late)

By return email I received TWO emails from Kaiser, one saying they had changed my email address and the other saying that they had a request for a temporary password, but no temporary password yet.

Yesterday Walt had his own Kaiser frustrations. He had an appointment with his urologist at 4 p.m. and first took me to Kaiser in Davis to get my blood test.  Then he and Ned went to Vacaville for his exam and they told him he had been given the wrong time.  He needs a morning appointment and a follow up afternoon appointment to see how he does without a catheter.  So he has to go back to Vacaville in the morning, then take me to Davis in the late morning and then he goes back to Vacaville in the afternoon.

I'm thinking we should just move into a Kaiser facility somewhere.

But tonight is the 32nd annual Gilbert dinner in San Francisco, which we look forward to every year. I hope to put EVERYTHING behind and just enjoy myself....if I can find a way into that place without having to climb a flight of stairs.

Wish me luck



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