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19 August 2017

The day started with a call from the guru.  I was supposed to go to his shop at 9:30 to get the computer, but he found a few other things he wanted to fix.  I told him we would be at a funeral later in the morning and he said to call him when we were coming home.

Then off to the funeral.  This was for our friend who died a couple of weeks ago.  His was the third memorial service we have attended within a month (not necessarily a calendar month).  Funerals are weird things.  It's where you meet all your old friends that you haven't seen since...well, since the last one.  It gives you a chance to see how everyone is holding up, who has assisted movement devices, who's gone grey or bald, who has gained or lost weight.  Very weird thing

It was a nice service, but it made me more sympathetic to Walt's work colleague who attended our wedding 52 years ago. I was a member of the Newman Hall choir at the time and as a gift they performed a Mozart mass, complete with instruments.   It was glorious.  Only Al was totally deaf and had never been to a Catholic mass before and his only comment after was "it sure was long."

Walt and I shared a printed program but with the combination of my needing-new-glasses vision and his slight essential tremor (and the tiny print size) I could hardly read anything plus, it was one of those days when my voice was only going two or three notes and then would freeze, so I couldn't sing anyway.  And because my new hearing aids had not yet arrived (I get them tomorrow), I couldn't make out 90% of what was said, so at the end, all I felt like was "it sure was long" !!

When it was over we went to the family home for a reception and got a chance to visit with people we didn't visit with at the church.

Then I called the guru, who said that the computer was ready to go, so we went to Woodland to get it.  It had been resurrected!

I wanted Walt to come with me because I thought he should have the experience of Guru on his home turf.  Trust me, it's an experience.

(Doesn't everyone have a storm trooper standing by their desk?)

He took me back to his work area and showed me what he had done to the computer.  He also told me what to ask for on Amazon if I want to replace this keyboard with one with more defined keys!

We came home, Walt fixed the computer up again, and I am once again back in business, including moving all the Airy Persiflage entries into Funny the World.  Life feels normal again.

Then I was able to check Saturday 9 and post my answers.
This week its Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, because Joy recommended it.


1) The Beatles recorded this after they had taken a three-month hiatus from working together as a band. Do you find you're sharp after taking time off? Or does it take you a while to get back into the swing of things in your day-to-day life?
Well, I haven't been on a vacation in awhile now, but I think I pretty much get right back into the swing of things, other than needing a nap after an international trip (but I need a nap most days anyway!)

2) During those three months off, John Lennon made a movie called How I Won the War. What's the last movie you watched? Did you view it at a theater, on TV, or from a device like a computer or tablet?
The last movie I saw was Beauty and the Beast, which we saw in a theater when Caroline, our friend from England, was spending time with us.

3) Paul McCartney and George Harrison both used their time off to make new and different music. Paul composed instrumentals for a movie soundtrack while George studied sitar with Ravi Shankar. Ringo Starr spent those three months with his wife and their two little boys. If you had three months to spend doing anything you wanted, and money was no object, would you try something new (like Paul and George) or just kick back and relax (like Ringo)?
I'm too old to try something new.  I'd kick back and relax and either eat out or order in for dinner every night.

4) Paul recalls what fun it was to dress up in Edwardian-era costumes for the album cover. When did you last attend a costume party? What did you wear?
The last costume party I remember going to was back in the late 1960s and I went dressed as a Ukrainian friend of ours.

5) Paul says he came up with the name "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" when Beatle friend Mal Evans told him about this great San Francisco band, Big Brother and the Holding Company. Paul hadn't heard their music yet, but he loved the sound of their six-word band name. Soon everyone would hear of Big Brother. Do you know who Big Brother's famous lead singer was?

6) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band appeared on the Billboard charts for 175 weeks. Is this album in your collection?
I am not sure.  We have a few Beatles records (remember records?) and may have that one, but I don't know.

7) The Beatles are among the top-selling artists of all time in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Would you like to visit Africa?
If I were younger and in better shape, in a heartbeat.  I have always wanted to go on a photo safari and I also have 14 kids I either sponsor or write to in different countries in Africa and I would love to meet some of them.

8) 50 years ago, when Sgt. Pepper was first released, the average price for gas was 33¢/gallon. When did you last fill up your gas tank? Do you remember how much it cost?

Walt filled it this afternoon.  I think $2.99.

9) Random question: Are most of your married friends happily married?
Let me say this:  a lot of my friends are married, most appear to be happily so, but you never know what is going on behind closed doors, so I don't really know.

Funny the World is back, baby!!!!



This picture of my guru's workplace is why I'm never
uncomfortable when he has to come to our house!


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