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16 August 2017

If this were a normal night, I would be in my office creating this on my desktop, but my desktop is in a shop somewhere and I'm not sure what the diagnosis will be...or when it will come.

It has not been a great day. After I realized the computer was not going to fix itself, I fired up the laptop. I was happy that all my important info was stored on an external hard drive so I could finish that review I was writing and write Funny the World without too much problem.

Problem #1--the laptop won't connect to our network. I've tried everything. So no internet access on the laptop. I have to do everything on the iPad

Problem #2--the laptop won't recognize my external hard drive so all those carefully saved files are still locked away

I took the computer to my guru but haven't heard if it's fixable or not. Even Gilbert failed me as not one but TWO parking slots directly in front of the shop were taken while I waited for a light to change.

After leaving the computer, I came home, where there was nothing left to do but watch Trump's bizarre press conference. As I had forgotten to take my meds, I was without my antidepressant so it was even more depressing.

I don't know what tomorrow holds. Keeping my fingers crossed (and it's really hard to type on an iPad like that.

Hold the good thought.

Finally, I realized this is almost exactly what I wrote yesterday. Sigh.



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