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3 March 2016

Every so often on Swap Bot there will be something called a Blog Hop, which is designed to get our blogs a bit of exposure among like-minded people!  The idea is that you post the web address of your blog (yes, I know I don't call this a "blog" but others do, so...) and then five people will be assigned to read entries and comment on one of them.  You in turn will read the blogs of 5 other people and comment on their blogs.

This works best if there are lots of people involved, but this time there are only 7 of us. Still we can check out new blogs and see if they are to our liking.

The thing about blog hops is that you discover the diversity in the kinds of blogs people keep and what they choose to write about.

The first of my partners was someone called "bluecrayons" whose blog is called "Come Craft with Blue."  "Bluecrayons" is the screen name of a woman called Rhonda Helm from Polk City, FL, whose brief bio reads:  I'm a crafter at heart. I love all crafts. Love to scrapbook. photography is something I enjoy. I always have a cam on me whether it is my cell or digi. I have 2 parakeets (my kids) named Bucky and Leo. there a year old. Buddy is my black Chinese pug. I have 3 college degrees in criminal justice and computer crime. 1 class away from my web design degree. been in the swapping scene for 10 years.

Her blog entries all concern crafting projects she is engaged in with other crafters.  For example, on Feb. 29 the task was to take the letters in the word LEAP and create any paper crafting project; a card, a scrapbook layout, a journal page, etc. 

Blogs like this always intimidate me since they are always so clever in ways I can only wish to be.  Of course, they are all driven by photos of their work and "photos" of my work contain words, so to each her own!

The second blogger was called "Tampatha," whose real name is Tammy.  She is another crafter whose blog is entitled "Creatively Me."  She only had two entries for the month of February, but the one I liked was called Obscure February Holidays, where she created greeting cards for holidays like "eat ice cream for breakfast day," "don't cry over spilled milk day" and "polar bear day."

"Peanutsmommy7" (Michelel Cruz) worried me.  Her blog is "Welcome to My Life" and while she had an entry for every day, each entry was either a repeat of or another version of the quote "A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes your smile!."  I was so concerned about her after reading many of her entries that I sent her a "hug" and told her that I felt her pain!

"IdleEmma" is another crafter who writes at Puddle Side Musings.  She is a 23 year old Irish girl who blogs about crafts, snail mail and planners.  Her first entry was titled "Kawaii Box Show Off" and was photos of the contents of a box of cute things she had received in the mail.  I gathered that this was some sort of service she subscribed to because she showed the contents of several boxes and then she was cutting back on expenses so there would be no other boxes.  I am not really into what they label "Kawaii," but I had to admit that I thought this calendar was very cute.

My last partner was someone called DerpyShy (Jennifer Trevino).  This is the kind of person I don't understand.  Why would you sign up for this swap if you have no blog listed...anywhere?  Three of us (so far) have left requests for the address of her blog, but so far none has been given.

Since there were only 7 people in the swap, 6 + me! I checked out the one blog I was not assigned to, which was Let's Make a Panda.  "Let's Make A Panda" is maintained by WhiteKhocolate, an avid foodie and creative education facilitator, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is married to the Khocolateman, and they have one furbaby (Dalek).  This is the only one of the 6 that I would call the kind of "blog" that I'm interested in reading.  She blogs about "the fuzzy things in life - food, family, and crafting fun." Though I have to admit that I got lost in some of her food entries since she was using things I'd never heard of, and I don't know if it's just me and my unfamiliarity with health food, or if it's because she lives in Australia and is using things not readily available here.

I hope I hear from DerpyShy eventually.  I'd like to read what (if anything) she writes about.  But I got a chance to be introduced to other bloggers, though I suspect I won't be following them.  We are too different.


I love these guys

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