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12 October 2015

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Back to NaBloPoMo.  Today's topic is:  Is your least favourite food from childhood still your least favourite dish?

Well, the prize for least favorite will always go to liver and no, age has not changed my opinion of that vile substance.  As I said in a previous entry, there is not enough bacon or onions on earth that will make that organ palatable.

But my tastes have mellowed over the years.  Used to be I hated mushrooms.  Wouldn't touch anything with mushrooms in it.  Now I love mushrooms and sometimes just sauté mushrooms alone for a side dish for myself.  How could I have hated mushrooms?

I also never liked cauliflower, but when I started adding it to mashed potatoes to help the potatoes go farther and to up the vegetable component on my plate, I discovered I really grew to like them.  I don't cook cauliflower all the time, but will occasionally cook it by itself, not adulterated by potatoes.

Brussels sprouts.  Another dreaded vegetable.  However, this is one food that is improved by the addition of bacon and/or onion.  I have found several recipes for sprouts that I like.

I would never eat shredded wheat and I still don't, but that's because I haven't tried it in my adult years.  I probably wouldn't mind it.

There are a lot of things I have never tried, like a lot of the root vegetables (turnips, parsnips, etc.), at least if I've had them, I don't know that I've had them.  I never did like water chestnuts, and still don't (which is kind of how Walt feels about onions).

I'm basically not very adventurous when it comes to food.  I love watching cooking shows, especially things like Chopped and Top Chef, but I look at the things they sometimes cook and ain't no way I'm going to eat that, especially organ meats.

I also can't bear to watch cooks preparing lobster.  They take this live animal and literally tear it apart limb by limb, or throw it, still squirming into boiling water.  Fortunately I don't like lobster, not even drenched in butter.  I realize they do the same thing to crab and I try not to think about that because I love crab.  Yes, I'm a food hypocrite

Took my mother's meds to her today and was pleased to note that she seems to have taken her meds daily this week. She sometimes forgets. 

Somehow she has gotten it into her head that Walt and I go dancing.  I don't have a clue why but she asked me several times today if he and I were going to go out dancing tonight.  She and her husband loved to dance and maybe she's putting that on me, since he's not around any more.  But other than dancing at weddings, Walt and I have not danced together in 50 years.

She said she didn't remember the last time she danced and I told her it was at her 90th birthday party.  I pointed out the framed photo she had right by her side of the group at the party.  She picked it up, but didn't recognize many people.  The photo has a wide border that people signed and she could not recognize any of the names except Jeri.  She asked me 3 times who "Eileen Broderick" was and I explained it was her sister's daughter-in-law and reminded her of the wedding we attended at a famiy reunion one year, but that went way over her head.

I finally left Atria the fifth time she asked if Walt and I were going to go dancing tonight.



"Take an Indian to Lunch this Week"
(from Stan Freberg's History of the United States of America, Part 1)


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