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28 July, 2015

If yesterday's focus was on our "gimpness," today's focus had to be on food.

I actually fell asleep in a bed last night, but woke up at my usual 3:30 and could not get back to sleep, so I listened to an audio book for 3 hours, when I got up to take a shower.

Mary came to meet us at the hotel at 8:30 and we went to a great restaurant, the Rusty Pelican, which is generally accepted (by residents of Edmonds) to be the best place in town for breakfast. I have no way to make comparisons, but it would be difficult to top my crab eggs benedict.

Mary has been wonderful and every restaurant where we have eaten has at least one crab option for me and vegetarian options for Rob.

From the Rusty Pelican, we drove to Pike Place Market, which was very crowded.  While Ellen waited in her wheel chair for Rob to come back from parking the car, I searched around a little and stopped at a table where a young artist from Kenya was selling cards of drawings he said he had done (whether that was true or not).  I liked them and bought two.  When Rob got back and started pushing Ellen around, that was the one table where she stopped too and she bought a card as well.

Later, while waiting for Mary to join us, we stopped to listen to a couple of musicians,

I loved the look of the ukelele player and I also loved that they taped their playlist on the side of the bass.

We continued on and stopped at a stand that sold hot pepper jams.  We all tasted some, and Rob worked his way through the "hot-ness" scale until he found one that made him break out in a sweat, which he then bought.

We made it as far as the place where they entertain the tourists by throwing fish to each other, but the crowd was so big we couldn't get in there.  Everybody had their cell phones raised above their heads taking pictures. 

We eventually agreed that with the huge crowd, it was difficult to get Ellen's wheelchair through the market, so Rob, Walt and Mary went back for the cars after finding a bench where Ellen and I could wait. 

We were across from an adult toy and video store with changing electronic signs.  I learned about "vookage," a term I had never heard of before--it concerns smoking electronic cigarettes.  This was a sign you would not have seen a couple of years ago!

We came back to Edmonds and went to Chanterelle for lunch.  Again there was an open face crab sandwich on the menu, but I was still full from breakfast, so chose the smaller brie and pear quesadilla, which was delicious.

By now we all felt ready for a nap, especially me since I'd had so little sleep, but I had little hope of actually getting any sleep.  But I did.  In bed.  For 2+ hours. Amazing. (The NCIS marathon helped)

The plan was to meet here in our room at 6:30 because I had brought pictures from our last "Netstock" here in Seattle in 1997 and I wanted to show everyone. It was fun to see all those old pictures and realize that the 3 week old baby in those photos is about to enter college!  Also sad to see pictures of those in the group who are no longer with us, especially Pat and Bill.  Nice memories, though.

For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant, Las Brisas, where they had crab enchiladas which were fabulous.  But by the end of the meal, my insides were feeling wonky again, so when the others decided to go back to the waterfront to watch the sunset, I asked Mary to bring me back to the hotel, a decision which proved wise.

When Walt got back, I sent him out for Imodium, and I trust I will be able to go to the Gates Foundation exhibit tomorrow. I'm sad that tomorrow is already our last day here.  It is so wonderful to get together with old friends.


A familiar sight these past 2 days


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