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11 September 2014

The Dead Fish Restaurant in Crockett, CA (about an hour or less from Davis) is a place I had not heard of before, but Susan (from Logos) suggested it would be a good location for our lunch with Char and her daughter Dana.  About halfway for all of us.

Susan and I got there first and chose to sit outside, overlooking the bridge at Crockett

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While we settled in and waited for the others to arrive, I noted, with amusement, the sections of the menu.

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Char and Dana arrived and settled themselves in.

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We all ordered and I splurged to get their specialty, roasted garlic crab.  It was worth the splurge (and I didn't have any of the wine the others did).

MyCrab.jpg (66337 bytes)

The others had dainty lady-like dishes, but I can't resist a good crab....and this was a very good crab.  (Besides, how else can I legitimately get a bib to keep from spilling food down my front?)

Table.jpg (68967 bytes)

We sat there for three hours and had such a great time.  Dana had just returned from France, and Susan lived there at one time and knows Paris very well, so the two of them gave us good information on where to go and what to do when we are in Paris next month.

Inevitably the conversation changed to "family."   Fortunately I have known Char's family, her kids, her parents, her siblings, her aunts and uncles, and her grandmother, if only by stories, and so I can enjoy sharing any of the family stories shared by the two cousins about memories of growing up with this crazy family of theirs.  It reminded me of the times when Peach and Kathy and I would get together with my mother and tell tales about my own crazy family.

At some point, reminiscing about some of the dumb things we have done in our lives, Char and I decided that if we were to write a book we would title it "That was really dumb...but we did it anyway."

Another really nice "Ladies who Lunch" lunch.  I am a happy camper.

Photo of the Day

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Day 72:  Roasted garlic crab at The Dead Fish


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