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14 March 2012

It is a bit after 1:30 a.m. and I'm finally starting this. We had a power outage this afternoon, right after I went downtown to work in the book store. It only lasted 15 minutes, Walt reports, but when I came home to turn on my computer, it would not start.

Well, that's not true, necessarily. It's part of a problem I've been having and I'm beginning to suspect I need a new monitor. When I turn on the computer, the computer start up logo flashes briefly and then goes to black screen. It used to be if I turned the computer off and on enough times, I could eventually get it to stay on and then it would stay on for days. But no luck tonight.

I left it off while we went to the theater to see Mama Mia (yet again) but when I tried starting again, it still wouldn't start. (A call will be made to the guru tomorrow, and perhaps a trip to somewhere to get a monitor.)

Over the years, I have made this laptop pretty compatible with the desktop, but it's not quite seamless. When I travel somewhere I prepare to use it, by adding the current design for the journal, and moving any pertinent files, documents and photos I think I might be needing while we are gone.

When the computer just goes berserk on you, you haven't had a chance to prepare so you have to find work-arounds. I can do it, but, as I said, I'm starting to write this at ...well, now, 2 a.m.

Up to the time the computer went out, things were going well. I had a fun afternoon at the book store. Today we had our first day of real rain in I don't know how long.

Because of the rain, Peter had done almost no business all morning. I sat there almost the entire afternoon reading a book of children's letters to Albert Einstein and not a single person came in. Finally a father bought a book for his little daughter ($3.50). I finished the Einstein book and picked up a $1 bargain David Baldacci, so bought that.

Finally a group of 6 people came in together, young people I assumed had just come from the movie theater (they hadn't). They were laughing about liking books, but seemed not to have been in a used book store before. One girl asked whether I was called a 'librarian' or not (I told her I was called a volunteer!) and another guy picked up a Gore Vidal book and asked if it was pronounced VIdal (rhymes with "wheedle") or viDAL. He was so pleased to learn he had guessed correctly.

They left the store quickly. I don't know where they were going, but I'd be pretty surprised if it was going to be to another book store!

I finally made my big sale of the day, $8, just before Walt came to pick me up. Susan always sends a "day's total" to each volunteer the next day to let us know how much we helped sell. Heck, I know EXACTLY how much I sold...$12.50! Good thing most days are not like that.

It is now 2:30 and I'm going to post this...which means that I should be able to go to sleep around 3 a.m.!Even the dogs have given up hoping I'll go to sleep.

It's giving me "invalid entry" and I don't know why...I want to cry. I'm going to try another work-around




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