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13 March 2012

I did something unusual today.  I went out and just...wandered.   Well, I started out at a specific location.  I had an eye doctor appointment in Sacramento.  There is an eye clinic in Davis, but the doctor here was the one who threw me into panic telling me that my cataracts weren't the reason why my vision was so horrible and leaving me thinking I was losing my vision--only to go to the Sacramento office of Kaiser and learned that of course it was a cataract that was the problem.

So now I don't go to Davis, I go to Sacramento (though the doctor who used to be in Davis is now on the staff there...but I do have more options than just that doctor).

My appointment was at 11 a.m. and I left Davis at 9:30, getting there half an hour early, but I had my "gadgets" with me, so I was able to amuse myself until I was called.

My new doctor's name was Dr. Maebori and when this nice lady took me in the office, I asked how you pronounced the doctor's name.  (Apparently it's pronounced the same as Sherrif Andy Taylor's hometown).  But then she started doing an exam--having me look at the eye chart (which disappears when I try to look with my right eye), and checking my lenses, and showing me the "1 or 2?  3 or 4?" lens changes.  I began to realize that THIS was Dr. Maebori and felt kind of dumb for having assumed that she was the assistant of a different physician.  She put drops in my eyes and then finished the exam, checking for retinopathy (all clear, I was told) and then when she had finished doing just about everything that needed to be done, she announced that she would now go and get Dr. Maebori!

Dr. Maebori essentially said that yep, his assistant did it all right, he signed a prescription for new lenses (which I won't fill since there is such a slight change from the lenses I'm wearing now) and sent me on my way.  I wonder how big his salary is compared to hers!

I had decided to go out to lunch and was trying to decide where when I remembered that I was out of Sacramento postcards, which I use to send to folks through Postcrossing. I figured I would go to Old Sacramento, find some place to eat there, and pick up some post cards.

I was mentally going through restaurants I knew, or used to know, in Old Sac (since I haven't eaten there in many years).  I don't know how I forgot   the obvious choice, but there it was as I entered through the back entrance:

JoesCS.jpg (70572 bytes)

Of course! 

So I went to Joe's and had myself a fantastic crabcake caesar salad.

CrabCakeCesar.jpg (59743 bytes)

Afterwards I went to a candy store across the street because the sign said they sold souvenirs.  But they also had free candy tastings.  Dozens of boxes of taffy and an invitation to help yourself to samples.

taffy.jpg (78577 bytes)

If you could imagine a flavor, they had it.  Peanut butter, molasses, cranberry-raspberry, orange cream.  They even had, believe it or not, maple bacon taffy.  I had to try it.  It was weird, but oddly, not bad. 

bacontaffy.jpg (103606 bytes)

The only reason I didn't taste more is that I had to get back to the car before the meter expired.

I might have to go back and actually buy some of that taffy.


312sm.jpg (110986 bytes)

Look, Ma...no retinopathy!


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