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21 April 2012

If you enter Davis from Hwy 113 on Russell Blvd., one of the first things you encounter is the symbol of Davis, the pennyfarthing bicycle.

BigBike.jpg (117830 bytes)
(The statue was built in a Davis High School shop class)

With its wide bike lanes, green belts, and flat terrain, it's no wonder Davis is called the "city of bicycles."  All you need to do is stand on the corner of Russell Blvd. and Sycamore Dr. to get a feel for it.

Bikes.jpg (70247 bytes)

There are a lot of nice things about this town.  Every time I look at the high school, for instance, I am reminded about how the community came together in one day and planted hundreds of donated little twigs in the bare ground around the school...which have now grown into this lovely forest.

HiSch.jpg (83143 bytes)

I love the diversity of the houses of worship around here.

Churches.jpg (96331 bytes)

We also have lots of quirky pieces of public art.

Art.jpg (94099 bytes)

The top left is called "New Again" and was made by local artists  along with children in the FamiliesFirst program.  The top right is something called "Solar Intersections" at the train station.  The statue is covered in holographic material that shimmers with rainbows when you look at it, particularly under the bright summer sun.  I always thought it was dumb, but I'm no art critic.  The pigs are by sculptor Donna Billick who does delightfully whimsical stuff.

And then, of course, there is the famous "Joggers" statue.

Joggers.JPG (95478 bytes)

The statue was always controversial because people were convinced that if someone happened to trip and run into the upraised finger of one of the statue, they could put an eye out.  Seriously!  After a lengthy and heated debate (because this town has lengthy, heated debates about everything), they moved the statue back a couple of feet and the discussion finally ended.

Davis is a town that purports to be friendly, and we are always encouraged to "buy locally," but they sure make it difficult!

Parking.jpg (126693 bytes)

You can't have lunch with a friend, go to a movie, and do a bit of shopping together because of having to move the damn car.  Which is too bad because there are nice places to do business in this town.

Shops.jpg (109670 bytes)

(The Food Coop has that great tomato statue out in front of it, another piece of public art.)  The Davis Enterprise, which publishes the paper I write for (but never from the office) used to be the post office.

In fact, if you've lived here long enough, this becomes the town of "...that used to be..."

CityHall.jpg (105452 bytes)

That used to be City Hall, for example, but it's now a restaurant.

3rdB.jpg (90177 bytes)

That used the be the Teen Center, otherwise known as "3rd and B" (guess where it's located!).  Lawsuit played in the basement in its very early, early days.

Carousel.jpg (138970 bytes)

That mattress store with the big "$399" in the window used to be Carousel Stationery, where I bought lots of gifts, cards, paper products, puzzles, scrapbook supplies.  I was sad when it closed.

2ndSt.jpg (81437 bytes)

This is 2nd St., smack in the middle of "downtown."   (Logos Books, where I volunteer one day a week, is over on the left behind those two big palm trees and just ahead of that white car).  When we first came to look at Davis, knowing we would be moving here, I remember getting to about here and looking around and wondering where "downtown" was, since I came from San Francisco and Oakland and expected tall buildings.

We have cutesy things like Toad Town, a real town, made by the postmaster's father, next to the post office.  It's even solar powered.  Of course nobody has ever seen a toad near the place.

ToadTown.jpg (135521 bytes)

The university has those wonderful Robert Arneson Eggheads.

Eggheads.jpg (61692 bytes)

and the Dome houses, which are part of a complex called Baggins End.

Domes.jpg (78240 bytes)

We've been here 39 years and I resisted coming here at first, but it was a great place to raise kids and now that we've been here so long, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.


Villanova.jpg (114568 bytes)

On the street where we live...



echo.jpg (14703 bytes)

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