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14 April 2012

My name was Mme. Leontine Pauline Aubart.  I was a singer living in Paris, the mistress of Benjamin Guggenheim. I was born in May of 1887 and I was 24 years old the day I boarded the Titanic.  I was a first class passenger, embarking in Cherborg with my maid on April 10, 1912.  My cabin was B35.

It was a great ploy.  As we entered the theater for Titanic: The Musical tonight, we were handed a program and also a boarding pass for one of the characters in the show. 

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We were invited to come home and check the web site to find out whether we had lived or died in the disaster.  I survived.  So Did Walt's character.

I so hoped the show would be good.  I wanted to be able to give it a good review, since this meant so much to the company.  Fortunately, it was very good.  I was actually surprised at how moved I was seeing all the passengers getting ready to board the trip.  The sense of sadness persisted when I was out in the lobby looking at the display of newspaper front pages after the disaster and other photographs.

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It had been kind of a busy day.  At 11, I interviewed a playwright about his first play, which is being presented later this month.  The guy was a musician who attended Berklee, long before Jeri went there.  He turned to play writing in his 50s and, after 6 years, his first play is finally being produced.   I'll be reviewing it later.

I rushed to get the article written because we planned to drive to Santa Barbara in the morning.  It would only be for 2 days, but since we hadn't seen Brianna on her birthday, we both wanted to see both of the girls.  I have to be home on Monday to review a show on Tuesday.

In the afternoon, after I dropped Walt off at Hertz to pick up the rental car he wanted to drive to Santa Barbara, I drove around looking for the house of the woman I met at a show the other night, who has the first Lamplighter book and mentioned that she hadn't really known there was a second book -- her daughter is in the roster of the second book.  I told her I thought I had an extra copy and took her address.  I found the book this morning and delivered it to her house (she wasn't home, so I hope she found it where I left it!)

In the evening we went to Titanic and at intermission, Walt checked his cell phone.  There was a message from his sister-in-law, saying that his brother was in the hospital.  It's not anything life-threatening, but I could tell that Walt needs to go and visit Norm.  Norm almost died a few years ago and Walt just about lived at the hospital until he was out of the woods.  I knew that he would not enjoy our brief trip to Santa Barbara, so we've cancelled the trip and he'll drive the nice shiny new car down to the hospital instead.

At least I don't have to stay up half the night writing the Titanic review, but can do it in the morning.


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Our granddaughter is obviously a genius
Who cares what Mozart wrote at her age?



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