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Oct 18 Hello from Singapore
Oct 17 Tick, Tick, Tick
Oct 16 Swan Lake
Oct 15 I Don't Know Why She Swallowed a Fly
Oct 14 I Apologize
Oct 13 Well, There Ya Go...
Oct 12 Fore!
Oct 11 I've Been to Bindoon
Oct 10 Thar She Blows
Oct 9 If the Shoe Fits, Buy It
Oct 8 I Wonder What the Inner Brotherhood Recommends for Cramp
Oct 7 The Glass Man Commeth
Oct 6 The New Navigator
Oct 5 The Ashes Are Blowing in the Wind
Oct 4 Who Needs TV?
Oct 3 Always Chasing Rainbows
Oct 2 Reeaallly Big Trees
Oct 1 To Busselton and Back Again
Sept 30 And a Wonderful Bunbury It Is, Too
Sept 29 Why Didn't We Think of That?
Sept 28 Give 'em the Axe
Sept 27 What it was was Aussie Rules Football
Sept 26 Up Periscope
Sept 25 I'd Walk a Mile for a Camel
Sept 24 Doing My Bit for the Australian Economy
Sept 23 On My Own
Sept 22 'Taint a Fit Night Out
Sept 20 Nice Weather for Dolphins
Sept 19 Dead Roo in the Middle of the Road
Sept 18 Gorgeous Gorge
Sept 17 Perfect
Sept 16 Onward and Onward
Sept 15 All Creatures Great and Small
Sept 14 Kangaroo Farts
Sept 13 Why Am I Not Surprised?
Sept 12 Roo the Day
Sept 11 Alfred, Is That You?
Sept 10 Top Dogs
Sept 9 Déjà vu
Sept 8 Over the Rainbow
Sept 7 Disney Was Wrong
Sept 5 I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane


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