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Edelgard.jpg (1633 bytes)Edelgard Brunelle.   Richard Brunelle died on May 3 at 8:30 p.m.

Leslie Carroll.  The world lost a rare and fine spirit.

Marilyn Moyle.  We are grateful for Dick's life and the gift of music he gave to Noah...we were talking about him yesterday, and Noah said Dick expanded his appreciation of music - opera, jazz, all the eras of classical music. Noah listens to music while writing on his laptop, and it's all lovely music that enriches him daily. That gift will live forever.

Carol Kessler.  i am so very grateful i was at home with my folks when you called them last night, so very thankful we could all be together... such a blessed hour i shall always cherish. mr. brunelle continues to shape my musical experiences and life. i treasure my memories of him, of you, of our families sharing so much time together... especially in music. lots and lots of love to you, stephan, paul, martin, and mr. brunelle.

UncleDick.jpg (1780 bytes)Thomas Estes is wishing he hadn't opened his facebook this morning.

Eric Burger.  I would be fascinated to know why

Thomas Estes.  From Edelgard:  Richard Brunelle died on May 3 at 8:30 p.m.

Rusty Eddy.  Oh damn.

Kendra Williams.  Oh, much sadness

Bev Sykes.  I suppose this is good news for Dick, who has been failing for so long; such sad news for everybody who knew him, loved him and was affected by him.

Alison Tracy Hale.  The world is a lesser place.  Very, very saddened to hear this.

Leslie Blackie.  I still use what he taught me and am so grateful for my memories of him. I bet he is playing the piano for the angels (probably the "telephone numbers")!

Kate Hutchinson.  So sad for Edelgard and the family

Sue Robertson.  He may be gone from this earth, but he will live on in the hearts of an endless number of students that were insprired by him. He definitely served a purpose while he was here. My life has been enriched by knowing him. His words and the wonderful memories make up who we are today. We love you Mr. Brunelle!!!

MeIcon.jpg (1531 bytes)Bev Sykes.  The news of Dick Brunelle's death is slowly sinking in. We were so fortunate to have had him in the lives of our children. A wonderfully unassuming man, with an incredible musical talent.

Joan Callaway.  Oh, I hadn't heard, Bev. I was just thinking that I should go visit as soon as Nancy gets back...

Marilyn Moyle.  I called Cathie Duniway just now to tell her the news. We took Edelgard out to lunch recently, and I know she is prepared for this. We all have been blessed by Dick. My son learned so much in his Music Theory class at Davis High....

Toni Bernhard.  Our dear dear Mr. Brunelle. I can't imagine Romana's or Mara's high school days without his constant presence.

Kari Peterson.  i hadn't heard either, bev. he gave this community a lot, didn't he? undoubtedly affected the lives of so many kids. what a nice legacy.

Don Saylor.  Thank you for sharing this news. I will join the chorus of praise for this exceptional human being. We are a finer community for his and Edelgard's contributions.

MartaIcon.jpg (1733 bytes)Marta Wilson Sykes is saddened to pass on bad news:  Dick Brunelle passed away yesterday.

Ned Sykes.  Rest in peace, Mr. Brunelle.  Thanks for playing on Margot.

Rob Shumway.  So sad.

Marguerite Morris.  I just heard it too; can't help shedding a few tears.  What a great man he was....

Jessica Moms Brown.  God rest his soul and hugs to Edelgard and sons during this time.  xoxoxo

Bev Sykes.  We were SO fortunate to be part of the Brunelle years.

Bonanza JB.  Indeed.

Marta Wilson Sykes.  This guy taught me almost everything I know about music.  I wish I remembered more of it...

JSicon.jpg (1487 bytes)Jeri Sykes is sad to hear of the passing of   Mr. Brunelle

Jami LaMoure.  Thanks for posting it.  I had missed the sad news

Kristin Henry.  So sad.  I hadn't heard.

MomsIcon.jpg (1584 bytes)Jessica Moms Brown.   Thinking of the Brunelle family and sending love and prayers during this sad time. What a huge part of Sarah's life...our life...Mr. B was. I'll never forget riding Splash Mtn with him and so much more! What a sweet man! RIP. Thank you for all you gave to so many.

Sean Marsh.  wait, mr. brunelle passed away? such a wonderful man, best choir director i ever had by a mile.

Shalini Vijayan.  Oh no, did he pass Jess? Please let me know if there's a service planned, I may try to come up if I can.

Rob Baker.  he will be missed. davis was very blessed to have that man as a part of the community

Patrick Phelan.  one in a million

JoanIcon.jpg (1906 bytes)Joan Callaway.  Just read on Bev's "mind" that Dick Brunelle has died. We were definitely among those fortunate to have had him in the lives of our family. An incredible talent...and good friend.
Dunniway.jpg (1499 bytes)Cathie Dunniway.  So many memories are flooding back as I think about Dick.  His generosity in sharing his prodigious talents with us and our kids has left us with a wonderful gift, all those greate moments that we'll always have to remember.
Mara.jpg (1954 bytes)Mara Tyler is feeling sad about Mr. Brunelle.

Corina McHendry.  What happened??

Mara Tyler.  He passed away yesterday.

Corina McHendry.  Oh no. Thank you for letting me know. Do you know anything about a memorial service, etc? Please let me know if you hear anything. :(

MarilynIcon.jpg (1746 bytes)Marilyn Moyle.  I'm in the midst of birth and death...thinking about Dick Brunelle and all the good times we had with him and Edelgard at the Pence Gallery and at their home, and awaiting the birth of Cordelia's baby sister....she'll be here in a week at the most.
KateIcon.jpg (1635 bytes) Kate Hutchinson.   Thinking of Dick Brunelle and the wonderful gifts he shared.
Pat Hutchinson.   Kate just told me about Dick. What a community loss as well as personal loss for so many.
TomSIcon.jpg (1632 bytes)Tom Sykes.   Remembering Dick Brunelle -- Rest in Peace, Maestro.
TomBIcon.jpg (1764 bytes)Tom Burmester.  Such a genius.   I'm sure he's up there directing a choir of angels.
MomsIcon.jpg (1584 bytes)Jessica Moms Brown.  Edelgard Brunelle says: " Richard Brunelle's funeral will be on Monday, May 18, 4 pm at the Davis Community Church, 412 C Street in Davis. Reception immediately following in the Fellowship Hall at 421 D Street."

Samantha Ann Eddleman-Powell.  i know it will be a beautiful service, my heart will be with everyone.

NedIcon.jpg (1634 bytes)Sarge Kathryn Clanton.  RIP, uncle dickie.