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8 September 2001

I was sitting here peacefully in my own house, feeling guilty because I had planned to go have my hair cut this afternoon and to buy some disks for the camera so I won't run out on the trip.

But I was playing around with Photo Impact 6 again and having a good (if sometimes frustrating) time. You can make some neat things with this program. More than just nice frames for pictures. How about this bowl?

bowlsm.jpg (3929 bytes)

I also spent a lot of time fighting ants again (sorry, Sarah & Kelli). The cinnamon didn't seem to be working any more and it took a lot of mopping, but they seem to be gone now--and for the afternoon, so maybe I got the cinnamon in the right place this time.

Anyway, I finally decided I had to get some constructive stuff done and went out this afternoon. In an hour I managed to get to SuperCuts to have my hair cut, shop at Office Max, and stop by the cemetery. But there are fires all over northern California and the air is brown. It smells of smoke and I came home coughing. I shoulda stayed home!

The high incidence of fire in the state this year combines with the explosion of building I'm seeing all over this area, and presumably all over the state. Subdivisions popping up everywhere on hills that have been rolling green for as long as I've been around. And where there are no subdivisions, there are vineyards. It seems that suddenly the entire state is being planted in grape vines. The drive down I-5 from Sacramento to Los Angeles used to be mile after mile of rolling brown hills. Now it's mile after mile of vineyards or cotton fields.

While growth can be a good thing, all of these houses, all of these vineyards, all of these people are going to require water and it just seems logical to me that in a state which has already experienced several droughts and where "save the air days" have become commonplace, we are going to be in serious trouble in the coming decade.

I think I understand those folks in Oregon with bumper stickers that say "Welcome to Oregon; now go home." I don't want to be selfish--but does anybody ever think ahead about all these power-needing, water-consuming projects?

Of course not. That would make too much sense. And by the time the crisis hits, the developers will be long gone, along with the money.

However, I digress.

This is my new hair and my new jacket.

hairsm.jpg (13756 bytes)

I'm not 100% happy with the haircut. The woman who did it didn't even comb it afterwards but handed me the mirror while it was still sticking up straight in back (and I don't even have a cowlick). It was OK once I got it brushed, but she didn't get a large tip from me.

This evening we went to see (yawn) The Sound of Music. It's the new season opener for the local theatre, and it's when I earn my keep as critic. Oh lord. How do I review it? You can't give it 2 stars, 'cause people in town think the sun rises and sets on this group. The theatre was full of screaming, applauding friends and family. And you don't want to dish a show that has so many kids in it, or so many truly earnest people. It's "amateur" in the literal sense of the word (derived from "amar," to love...these people are doing it for the love of it).

The main problem is it had absolutely no life. When we came home, Walt said he had to go to bed because he was feeling so old--the last time we saw Sound of Music by this company, the woman who played Maria tonight, played 16 year old Lisl to Paul's Rolf. And tonight, as Maria, she looked downright matronly--and almost too old for the part.

The poor Mother Superior had such terrible trouble with "Climb Every Mountain," which is a very difficult song to sing for anybody, since it goes very low and very high and not many have that wide a range.

The kids were cute, but weren't always on key and the harmonies were sometimes painful.

The guy who played Max Dettweiler was from the "windmill school of arm movements." He was so darn earnest you can't really criticize him. But his acting left so much to be desired. 

This is one of the problems in reviewing volunteer theatre.  "Review the production, not the actors."

The best thing about the show was that everybody's enunciation was excellent.

Now how can I write a whole review about enunciation? (This is my pay back for all those high-priced tickets I get to the touring Broadway shows.)

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