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7 September 2001

So when I read through Yahoo/Geocities' offer for domain hosting and discovered it was affordable, I bit the bullet and bought my own domain. It feels kind of like being given the keys to the car for the first time.

I am now http://www.funnytheworld.com, though the old address will still work as well. But I'm going to retire http://www.geocities.com/beverlysykes/Introduction.htm. I've been keeping two identical front pages for a long time, and I'm going to just have one now.

My heavens is this big time stuff for non-geeky me.

But for only $9/month, I get my own name AND no more pop up ads! That's the biggie. While I feel that geocities' pop up ads are a lot less intrusive than a lot of other domains, they still cry "amateur" and I figure after a year, I could afford to be a little more professional about this.

Also, I should be able to get at least a year's worth of diary entries instead of having to register for another site on geocities every six months (shhh...I don't think that's really kosher!)

Now that I'm all grown up and stuff, I'm going to work on designing a new front page. But that will have to wait until we return from England. We leave on Monday and there is just too much to do between now and then to design a new web page as well.

Besides, Peggy did a terrible thing to me this morning. She's a mean, nasty, terrible person. She sent me to a web page with a bazillion incredibly wonderful links to tutorials for Photo Impact 6 and it made me want to drop everything and just sit here and learn all sorts of wonderful new things on Photo Impact. (See how mean that was?)

I've had Photo Impact for a year now and have used it pretty much for the basic stuff. I recently learned how to make frames and so I've been tentatively getting a tad more fancy. But heck--today I discovered whole menus that I hadn't seen before.

And I already learned some neat tricks. Look at the kewl frame I made for this photo of Cincinnati below. I'd never seen anything like that before.

Cincinnati2sm.jpg (35898 bytes)

I figure that I want to work some more on some new tricks and maybe incorporate those into a new front page design. I don't know yet. So many ideas...so little time!

You'll also be happy to know that I have purchased a coat for the trip. And it was as demoralizing as I predicted it would be. Someone suggested I go to the London Fog factory outlet store, which I did. But I discovered that a men's extra-extra large was too small for me, so I slunk out of there before anybody saw me. The fat lady store was nearby and they even had fat sales clerks (usually they all look like Calista Flockhart), so I felt I'd found my people.

I actually found a coat that fit and was warm...and then another one that fit, was warm and was waterproof, so I grabbed that.

I decided I'd see if I could find some pants, but alas, the largest size wasn't large enough. But that was OK because I remembered I had two pair of sweat pants that will work just as well (even if one does have a hole in the knee--who'll see me on Orkney?).

I also found some old shoes that I'd forgotten I had, so that solves the "bring extra shoes in case they get wet" problem.

So I think that I've made all the purchases I am going to and now I just have to pack a suitcase. Should be simple. Last time I decided to see if I could manage with just the small overnight suitcase, and did, while Walt took the full size suitcase. This time, if I have to pack a coat, heavy pants, sweaters, and extra shoes, I'm going to go ahead and take the larger suitcase.

Can it be that I actually know what I'm going to take, what I'm going to take it in and could be...dare I even ask it?...prepared?

Well, of course not. It's a big leap from having in mind what I'm going to take and which suitcase I'm going to take and actually packing.

And now that I have a brand new domain of my own and a bazillion URLs to check out for tutorials on Photo Impact (thanks to that mean, nasty Peggy), I suspect Walt will still be warming up the car Monday afternoon, as I'm tossing things in the suitcase.

I wouldn't want to break with tradition, after all.

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