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4 Sepember 2001

I wish I could say that the above title is original, but it's not. It was the headline on a column in the San Francisco Chronicle which talked about the retirement of Fred Rogers from MisterRogers Neighborhood. The show, which was the first children's program on PBS, has been running since the 1950s and will undoubtedly go on in reruns forever.

In these post-Sesame Street days, it's good to know there is still a place where children can go and not be bombarded with images and rapid fire delivery, where someone will just sit and talk to them calmly and quietly, will understand their fears, and tell them they're wonderful just the way they are.

We began watching MisterRogers Neighborhood when Jeri was a toddler. It was on just after Sesame Street, which was the first program she ever watched regularly. We would sit together singing and counting and laughing at the antics of the Muppets and then when it was over, there was Mr. Rogers to sing softly and tell her--and me--that he liked us just the way we were.

We rode the trolly to King Friday's castle every day, loved Daniel Striped Tiger, and got to know Mr. McFeeley and the other regulars in the neighborhood. And we listened to Mr. Rogers' songs. Who else could make an entire song out of the word "tree" and make it work?

Sesame Street mesmirized Jeri; Mr. Rogers made her smile and feel good about herself.

Those were our first forays into the world of children's television, but they were by no means the last. We also got to know The Gentle Giant, a less well known, but still calm, quiet voice of the giant who lived in a castle and who had a friend, a giraffe named Rusty, who was tall enough to stick his head through the window of the castle and talk with the giant.

When the boys came along and started becoming aware of television, we entered the world of Super Heroes. Spiderman. Ultraman. and of course Superman. Jeri's action hero was the gentler Kimba, the White Lion, a lion cub who, as I recall, used to gallop around the Serengetti (or wherever she lived--Kimba was a girl, of course) helping people. I remember the many times that Jeri galloped around the yard on all fours, pretending to be Kimba. She even had a drawing she did of Kimba (when she was in kindergarten) chosen to be put on display at the Oakland Museum's children's fair.

The boys were always super heroes. Anything long and flowing was used as a cape. And of course at Halloween, it was never a problem deciding what to be. It was always XXXMan. (I remember the year Ned was superman, Paul was Batman and Tom was Diaperman. Tom was about a year and a half old at the time and his outfit was pink and blue. I'm sure he's embarrassed to death about it now!

Not exactly a super hero, but equally important in our lives at that time was Speed Racer. Here he comes. Here comes Speed Racer. He's a demon on wheels....Go Speed Racer, go! (There was a time when I could sing all the theme songs from all the shows; I probably could now, too, if I heard them.) Speed Racer became so important that even now I still buy 34 year old Ned Speed Racer paraphernalia. A couple of years ago I was tickled to find a Speed Racer calendar.

It seems like a very long time ago that we were cheering Speed and Racer-X, the boys were flying around the house and Jeri was galloping across the front lawn.

But my heart will forever be with MisterRogers. Good night, MisterRogers...It's You I Like. You are Special.

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