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30 September 2001

I have spent 2 days bleary-eyed, looking at photos and putting together slide shows for our trip.  So I'm going to make a cop out here and just post a few pictures from the trip.  Just some that are kind of memorable.

First, from London:

newspapr8.jpg (9419 bytes)This is one of the newspaper headlines that I saved.   The queen had ordered a special changing of the guard where they played "The Star Spangled Banner," and this picture was taken at a special memorial service held at Westminster Abbey on the national day of mourning.



britn.jpg (35131 bytes)

This is our group all checking a map in Brighton.  L to R:   Mary, diane, Walt, Ellen, Rob, Mary Lou.  (diane's daughter Elizabeth is in front)

salis.jpg (13579 bytes)column.jpg (12938 bytes)

These are from Salisbury Cathedral.  Check the columns on the right--they bent in the 1200s when the 404' tall spire was added to the roof of the cathedral.

ferry.jpg (15819 bytes)

This is Mary, myself, and Sian on the ferry which will take us from the village of Stromness, Orkney to the island of Graemsay, where Sian's house is located (have I mentioned it's next to a lighthouse?)


gurnes.jpg (26344 bytes)This is yours truly standing in the ruins of a small settlement that was built in the first century AD.  This is the Broch of Gurness and it was my favorite of the pre- and early historic sites we visited, because you could get out and walk around inside the ruins and really get a feel for how the people lived.

And now I'm going to rest my weary eyes and go to sleep.

One Year Ago:
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