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25 September 2001

This is really my last entry before going home. We are now in Edinburgh and when I finish here we will find ourselves a bit of dinner, take the bus back to the hotel, sleep some, and get up at 5 to be at the airport by 6:30 for our flight. The taxi driver on the ride in told us that Heathrow was socked in with fog and that was delaying flights. I am hopeful that this will not be a problem tomorrow. Everybody send good thoughts, light incense, or whatever magic works for you so you don't have to listen to me complain about having to stay another day here.

We had a lovely dinner with Sian last night. And for those who have been harping on this for weeks now, she ordered haggis, we all tried it and pronounced it delicious. Details later, with photo. So there.

For this last entry, I have to tell a couple of very embarrassing stories about myself. I'm sure you'll get a chuckle. One of them I was too embarrassed to confess to Sian last night and I'm sure she will be very surprised.

OK...first story. When Peggy was here, she rolled her eyes a lot because I'm such a klutz. I bump into things, drop things, spill things and am a danger to delicate things in stores. On more than one occasion, she would order me to wait outside if we were going into a small store with lots of breakable things around. She didn't want to have to admit to being with me.

So I like to share with her stories about my being more stupid and more klutzy than usual.

The other night, Walt and I decided to take advantage of the B&B's lovely lounge. Our bedroom, while quite comfortable (if you're ever in Orkney, you MUST try Millershouse in Stromness!--check the link; it has a picture of the lounge), wasn't really all that great for sitting and reading--only one chair, light wasn't ideal, etc.

But the adjoining building, where we had breakfast each morning, also had a lovely lounge, available to guests until 10 p.m. each night

I grabbed my book, put on my new jacket, and told Walt I'd meet him up there.

Now, you may remember that I recently bought this jacket. It's very nice. Black, leather-looking, but a waterproof material, and it has a sash thingy that ties around the middle. I don't usually tie it, or button it, and so it stays open. Sometimes the sash comes out of the loops that hold it up from dragging on the floor.

So I come downstairs, open the heavy door, step outside into the street, and as the heavy door closes, I realize that my sash has come out of the loops, was dragging on the floor, and was now caught under the bottom of the door.

The problem with this was that I have no key to open the door, the sash can't be pulled out from under the door and I am essentially hooked there till Walt comes down, because if you ring the doorbell, it rings in the lounge building and the owners have to make a special trip down. So I stood there. For 10 minutes. Waiting for Walt. I finally did take the coat off, remove the sash, and hang it on the doorknob, hoping he'd see it. It at least allowed me to move around and not be trapped in the door. But I felt pretty darn stupid, lemme tell you.

When I used Sian's computer yesterday to check e-mail and write the journal for yesterday, I really meant to tell this story to Peggy, but somehow forgot. Odd, since that was the main thing I wanted to tell her--I'm always good at telling stories on myself.

So when we got back to the B&B, I decided I'd finally use the "cybercafe" across the road from us. I use " " around "cybercafe" because it's a cafe with one computer in it, hidden away in back. It's not exactly on a par with what you'd find in a big city, but apparently when Julia, the owner of Julia's Cafe, put it in, tourists lined up to use it, so it's been a good thing.

I counted out my British money and saw that I had exactly 1, but it was in loose coins, not a 1 coin. I asked the waitress if I could use the computer and she told me I could and that it was 10p a minute.

Naturally I didn't take time to read all the directions. I know it all, dontcha know? I sat at the computer and waited for someone to come and take my money. The waitress told me I had to put a coin in the machine. I remembered the coin operated computer that Mike and I used on our boat trip in May, so I was familiar with coin operated computers.

I glanced at the screen--I didn't read it carefully--and read that it was 10p a minute. I wasn't sure how many minutes I would need, but had lots of 10p and 20p coins, so I reached around and stuck a 10p coin in the slot.

Nothing happened.

As I sat there wondering what to do next, Julia came out. Together we learned that while it was 10p a minute, the minimum was 1 and you had to use either two 50p coins or a 1 coin. She got a 1 coin for me and put it in the slot. On the opposite side of the computer.

I'd stuck 10p in the floppy disk drive.

Now you know why Peggy never wanted to go anywhere with me.

Sian--don't you DARE tell Julia!!!

If I can manage not to do anything terminally stupid, we will be flying home tomorrow. I sincerely hope it is a better flight than the one here from Orkney. I expected it to be bumpy, since I know the area is subject to heavy winds, but it was, without a doubt, the bumpiest two hours I've ever spent in the air and I am not excited to repeat the experience.

We will return to the real world. We've already returned to the real world. The Edinburgh headlines say that Scotland is preparing for war and that Scotts are lining up to buy gas masks. Bin Laden's picture dominates the front page of all newspapers I've seen in the last couple of hours.

There really WILL be no entry tomorrow. I will be traveling for 12 hrs, and there is no cybercafe on the plane. So...see ya when I get home.

--signing off from the UK


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