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2 September 2001

I think I finally have it right. After about the bazillionth time. I am such an incredible klutz.

Earlier this week, I decided that I had enough PicturesToExe slide shows finished that they would nearly fill a CD, so I would put them all on CD and start all over with the next batch. I have just about put all of the digital camera pix that I've taken into slide shows, some 70 of them.

So I made a "master CD" with all of the slide shows and then made a copy for Walt as well, so he could have his own disk upstairs. I was very proud of all that I'd accomplished and it was nice to have enough to fill more than half of a blank CD.

At the same time, I made CDs for a bunch of people who were in the various photos (like sending copies of our boat trip to the people who were on the boat, both here in the states and in England) and got those in the mail. But I realized tonight that there was one other person I wanted to make a CD for, so I got that all made, labels done for the jewel cases, and I figured my work was done.

Walt hadn't had an opportunity to look at any of the slide shows yet, and he decided to do that this evening, so he disappeared upstairs to his computer to look at my handiwork, the thing that has kept me chained to this machine for weeks now.

Pretty soon he came down and announced "Well, I wanted to watch the show, but now it says I need a password." Oops. When I made the shows originally, I'd made two different versions of a couple of the shows because I wanted one copy with different messages, in-jokes, etc. on it and rather than have that available to everybody, I password protected it to keep it private. So Walt was unable to see the pictures of our trip to England because I'd given him the wrong version.

I promised him I'd make him a new CD.  I set the CD burner up for another complete copy so he'd have everything again. I knew that the total number of files was 70, so when I saw that it was copying 1300+ files, I realized that I'd inadvertently included a folder that had all the photos on it as well as just the slide show.

I could have given him that, but I really wanted the CD to be perfect, so I made yet another CD and was surprised to notice that it was nearly 600+ MB. I knew it was only supposed to be 400+. This meant that somehow I had inadvertently included a duplicate folder. I checked, and yes, I had. Somehow a folder that had most of the slide shows in back-up had been moved into a mis-labeled folder. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

(it was a good thing I'd just purchased a new package of blank CDs).

When the next attempt was finished, I decided to go through and check each file and make sure that he had all the right ones. But it turned out that on this version I'd forgotten one folder. It was a show I knew he wanted to see, so I had to go back and make yet another CD.

I finally got the master CD made and took it upstairs to him. But I decided I'd better check the CD I made earlier in the evening, and sure enough, it had the duplicate shows too. So I had to re-make that CD as well.

I think I finally have everything sorted out, and in the process got all of the files organized as well, so I suppose it was a good thing. But if I'd organized the files properly in the first place, I could have done the entire project with about half the number of CDs I ended up using!

But my day wasn't entirely spent making round coasters or tiny frisbees for the dog.

Today is Walt's mother's birthday (her 88th, I think) and she announced that she wanted to be taken out to eat because if she went to the dining room of the retirement center where she lives, everyone would sing "happy birthday" to her and she hated that.   Walt's brother & sister-in-law drove to Sacramento to pick her up and we met at our house. Then we all went downtown to have a leisurely lunch, after which we moved from the restaurant to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream (No, I didn't have any).  We sat outside continuing the visit while the ice cream eaters finished their dessert.

Finally it was time for the others to leave, while Walt and I sauntered over to Borders, near Ben & Jerry's. I wanted to get a copy of Sarum for the trip to England. In 1013 pages of tiny print, it traces the history of England from the prehistoric times up to the present. Now all I have to do is read it before/during the trip. I can't believe we leave in just a little over a week.

And now (11:30 p.m.) I'm about to make a Tuscan cheesecake to take to a gourmet group dinner tomorrow night. It takes an hour to cook (after you make it, of course), and then an hour to sit in the oven, so it will be 2 a.m. before I get to sleep.

It wasn't the most exciting day in the world, and most of it was spent in mindless busy work because I was such a klutz to begin with. But, tomorrow is another day. I hope I get to sleep before it gets here.

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