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19 September

Well, I found a cybercafe after all. This one is ridiculously expensive. I was paying 1 for an hour + some minutes in London and here it is 3 for 30 minues. 1 is about $1.40 now. See how much I love you guys?

We have discovered something strange here. There are no garbage cans in the train or tube stations, and you can't bus your own dishes. In fact, at Euston Station, when we were eating at the take-away tables (where someone left a backpack and security was called), I noticed that the flap in front of the garbage can was locked and when the clean up person picked up dirty dishes, she would unlock the flap, dump the garbage, and lock it again.

Seemed strange. It's just like you'd find at McDonald's. What's the big deal?

Well, the big deal is that they have done away with garbage cans because they were too easy to hide bombs in. Kinda gives you a sense of what we are heading into in the US, doesn't it?

Today I heard some foreign diplomat being interviewed and asked what was going to be the biggest effect of the attack on the WTC. He said that he felt America would be most effected because in this part of the world, they are accustomed to terrorist attacks and go on about their business. It is something we Americans are going to be learning, I suspect.

The BBC reporter this morning was broadcasting from a NY firehouse, where he showed letters that have been written by children, either about those killed, or about their fathers who were killed. It set off tears I haven't cried in about two days.

I am very aware of how my time is clicking away here, so I am going to make this a very short entry. We leave at the crack of dawn to train to Edinburgh and take an afternoon flight to Orkney.

See y'all in a week....

(Maybe you can read last year's entry instead!)

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