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17 September 2001

There is a statue of Edith Cavell about a block from Trafalgar Square. I remember seeing it on our other trips to London. Cavell was a nurse in World War I, killed by a German firing squad in October of 1915. Cavell's humanity and loyalty to Britain led her protect Allied troops trying to avoid German capture early in the war. Engraved under the statue is a quote: "Patriotism is not enough; I must have no hatred or bitterness for anyone."

I'm not sure how that ties into the current imminent war, but I found it something to think about yesterday. The British news is reporting that the police have set up a special department to record the increase in attacks, both verbal and physical, against muslims here in London. Those muslims who continue to state that Islam is contrary to all terrorist activities are still being lumped together with the terrorists. I fear this is just the tip of the iceburg.

Flags still fly at half staff on most buildings, but not all any more. Sports scores actually took front page on one paper yesterday. London continues to move on.

One man was reading a paper in the cafe where we had breakfast this morning (never order scrambled eggs...these were half overdone and half raw!). The headline said "Surrender bin Laden or we bomb on Thursday." Thursday we will be flying and while I suspect the Edinburgh-Orkney route is not in imminent danger, it still will make for an uneasy crossing.

I continue to wish I were anywhere but here--I want to be home where I can at least talk voice to voice with everybody and hear how they are doing, rather than rely on email.

We spent a good deal of yesterday here at easyEverything, that mega computer cafe with 300 computers, all jammed with people writing and reading messages to and from loved ones. I finally convinced Walt to get his own yahoo account, which makes life easier. We not only read and wrote letters to friends and family, but we read some of the reports from the SF Chronicle, which we have been missing.

In the evening we had a light supper (pizza and a teeny, teeny salad) and then went to see The Vagina Monologues, advertised "for everyone--even if you don't have one." A very funny, pull-no-punches piece of work with three women discussing women's feelings about their vaginas and about sex in general. I suppose that having worked for 10 yrs in a gynecologist's office has inured me to the kind of language used in the show. I suspect there were some who were uncomfortable. But it's a unique piece of work, which is at once very funny (one of the women could give Meg Ryan a run for her money any day!), and poignant, in reading an interview from a 72 year old woman experiencing her first orgasm, women who have been genitally mutilated, and a woman who was raped at age 10. You probably won't see another show like it for a long time, if ever.

The show, a 4:30 matinee, let out by 7 and we were ready for another light supper, so we went back to Euston Station to the food court there. We were sitting at a table when we noticed that someone had left a bag at the next table. Walt and another guy pointed it out to the custodians, who called security. We quickly finished our dinner and beat a hasty retreat before they opened the bag. We're a bit paranoid. But Euston Station didn't blow up, so I guess it was simply a bag someone accidentally left behind.

We were going to go to the British Museum today, but I have raised a huge blister on my toe and since tomorrow we plan to go to Salisbury with the indomitable Mrs. Williams and her daughter Mary, and I suspect it will be a heavy duty walking day, I've opted to spend the day sitting as much as possible, so have sent Walt off to explore London on his own. I'm getting caught up on journals, mailing lists, and on-line versions of newspapers.

When I look back on this time, some months or years from now, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to feel about it. It definitely continues to be weird. I read about the fervor which is growing in the states and it's so difficult to fathom, as the shock and horror begin to wear off for the folks here.

I'm trying to not have hate or bitterness toward anyone, but I admit that it's a bit difficult.

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