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10 September 2001

OK--so how many are old enough to remember "Your Hit Parade," where they always ended with :

So long for awhile
That's all the songs for awhile
So long to your Hit Parade
And the tunes that you wish to be played

I'm not sure why that popped into my head, except I was trying to decide what to call this entry and, since it's the last one before we leave for England, that seemed appropriate.

Believe it or not, my bag is packed and I'm ready to go. No. Don't faint. It's true. I'm not sure how that happened. A guess it was a slow day on the Internet. But I'm packed. Of course I'm sure I've taken all the wrong things, and none of the right things, but it's too late now. The deed is done.

We have several days in London over the next week, and I'm hoping to get to a cyber cafe to update this journal every day (except for tomorrow, of course, when we'll be on the plane). I've set up "shells" for each day, so anybody who is very clever can just keep hitting "next" on the bottom of each entry and you should be able to go to the next shell, but don't cheat and spoil the surprise.

We leave on the 6 p.m. flight, so have an overnight where I hope to get a little sleep at least. If not, I have "Sarum" to keep me occupied. That will either help pass the time or put me to sleep, so I figure it's a real winner no matter what. I'm hoping to get some sleep because we're meeting my CompuServe friend Ellen and her husband for dinner shortly after we arrive, and I don't want to fall asleep in my soup.

We're actually arriving in London two days before we are meeting the rest of our group (all women from CompuServe's "Women's Issues" discussion forum). That's because we have two free nights' accommodation at the hotel where we stayed in May. I was so unimpressed with how everything went for the ridiculous price we were paying, that I sent a note to the manager. It was our third time at this particular hotel and it seemed that the price had gone up and the quality down.

Well, it pays to complain, folks. I received a nice letter from this guy apologizing for our bad experience and offering us two free nights on our next trip to London. Ordinarily, this would be meaningless, since we are not exactly world travelers, this year notwithstanding. There was a good chance we wouldn't be back in London until this manager had moved on to greener pastures, under normal circumstances.

But since we already had this trip planned, I was able to book our two free nights. This is no little deal. It costs 120 a night which works out to round about $300 for that complaint letter I sent. And you better believe that if things go well, I will be sending a follow up letter thanking them and praising them to the skies.

But after the first two nights, then we move over to the hotel where our friends are staying and we'll be there until the 19th. Some of the group will be leaving before that, but my friend Mary and her mother are staying till the 19th and we hope to do some touristy stuff with them.

Then on the 19th, we travel (presumably by train) from London to York, where we will spend the night--on opposite sides of town, since we didn't book our B&B until considerably later than Mary's mother booked theirs.

And then on the 20th, the real adventure begins, when we go to Edinburgh and hop a plane for Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland. We rent a car in Kirkwall and drive to our B&B in Stromness, a town founded by the Vikings in 1620, where we will stay until the 25th, when we fly back to Edinburgh and then head home the morning of the 26th.

As I said, I hope to update this journal every day while we are in London (except maybe the day we do the Stonehenge/Salisbury trip because I remember that bus doesn't get back to London until late). But I feel fairly certain that once we leave London, our Internet access is going to be little to none.

I knew it was an exercise in futility to check for cyber cafes in Orkney, but I did it anyway, and of course there are none listed. So I may have to go cold turkey on this thing. But I can do this. I did it for a week when we were boating on the Thames.

Besides, Orkney has wonderful things to see and do, if you can get past the "gale winds" that seem to be in every weather report I read.

From the "Undiscovered Scotland" web site:

Orkney is famous for its prehistoric sites; more than 1000 have been identified here including Skara Brae an astonishingly well preserved prehistoric village eight miles north of Stromness. Storms uncovered the site in 1850 and revealed a village complex thought to have been inhabited for 500 years from about 3,100 BC until shifting sands caused the villagers to move. There are examples of kitchens and even stone furniture in the buildings on the site.

There's lots more, but I thought this was pretty unique. I'll have lots of tales to tell, I'm sure, when we get home. So, until I find the next cyber cafe... bye, all!

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