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These aren't exactly magnets, but they were off of a wonderful wall at my friend diane's house in England...and there are a bazillion of them.

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For those with bad eyes, the caption says : "Well, that's a helluva goddam note!  I wine you, dine you, blow fifty bucks on flowers and taxi fare, and now I find out you're celibate!"

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7 October 2001

Paulineee of Inertia is taking a survey in an attempt to find the computer habits of her readers, so let me devote this entry to answering her questions, though this computer is still relatively new and I'm not sure I've settled into a long-term comfortable relationship with it. My old computer had a bit more personalized environment, so I'll include that machine as well, for comparison.

1. Desktop Wallpaper: What image and/or colour?

OLD: I started downloading photos from WebShots and the software with them updates every week, so each week I have a new wallpaper. I had downloaded a lot more photos for this computer so the shots have more variety--photos of wild animals, of horses, sea scenes, and favorite cities.

NEW: I still use WebShots, but haven't taken the time to download as many photos, so right now the desktop rotates among six different city scenes --four from San Francisco and two from London. (Though I did just find a beauatiful picture of Stromness, where we stayed for 5 days when we were in Orkney and that's there right now. It shows the island of Graemsay off in the distance and the lighthouse which is next to our friend's house.)

2. Screen Saver: Describe, and if possible specify where you got it from.

OLD: I used the WebShots screensaver, so it would rotate through all of the photos that I'd saved.

NEW: There aren't enough photos to make it interesting on this computer, so I use the scrolling marquee that comes with Windows. It says "You can only make a difference when you care" (which is a line from one of the songs in "The Last Session.")

3. Colour scheme: default or otherwise?

BOTH: Default. I like the blue tones, so use "Windows standard." How boring is that? I did alter it a bit on the old computer; I changed the white background to a light blue because it was easier on my eyes, but somehow now that I'm on this new computer, I've gotten used to the white (maybe I just squint more).

4. Sound scheme: what are your start-up and shut down wavs and any other distinctive sound prompts?

OLD: The old computer began with a sound file from Wallace & Gromit. It says "Windows are our speciality." I used to have a pop-up calendar which had sound files attached to it. It reminded me each Tuesday when it was time for an on-line conference I co-hosted. The sound file was also from Wallace & Gromit and said "Porridge today, Gromit, It's Tuesday!"

NEW: Still looking for the right new sound for this computer. Right now I'm just going with the default.

5. Does all or some of the above come from a pre-set theme? If so, which?

Nope. I didn't have themes available on the old computer, so never used them. I tried out themes when I made the move to Windows ME, but I really didn't like them. Walt uses the jungle theme and I'm forever hearing an elephant trumpeting in his office. I decided it was too cutesy for me!

6. How many icons on your desktop?

Only 13. I use the Microsoft Office toolbar, so I try to get all the icons off the desktop (so I can see those lovely WebShot photos!). However, Bill Gates won't let you get rid of some of them, so I'm stuck with IE, Outlook Express, and Microsoft Outlook. I also loaded a program called Gizmos, which has as part of its program a "vault" and a "shredder." Both of those icons aren't able to be removed to the toolbar either. And then there is the quick cam (which I don't use), and the CD creator icon, the trash can and a couple of folders.

On the old computer there were a ton of them--but it involves unplugging this computer and plugging in the old one, and I'm not that dedicated to answering this survey!

7. How many items in your recycle bin and what's the oldest "date deleted"?

You picked a good time to answer, since I have emptied the recycle bin fairly recently. There are 265 files on it, the oldest of which is only August 21. 2001.

8. When was the last time your virus definitions were updated?

Again, timely. With all the viruses going on recently, I updated a week ago.

So, Pauline....what did you learn about me? As for "the contents of my purse" or "what's in your refrigerator," we'll save that for another entry.

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