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I'll have to ask Peggy about this one!

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4 October 2001

I had no idea there were so many ant remedies around.   Thank you to everyone who sent suggestions for what to do with this latest ant infestation, especially Wilma, who knows more remedies for ridding a house of ants than anybody I've ever heard before.   She was one of several who suggested using vinegar.  So yesterday after I did my ususal vacuuming of the dead bodies, I wiped everything down with vinegar and actually got up and poured vinegar in the little space in the rubber insulating strip.  I was pleased when a couple of hours later there were no ants around.  Perhaps I'd found the magic formula at long last.

But alas, no.  This morning there is another pile of ant corpses forming again and they're back crawling in the top of the refrigerator again.  But thanks to all of you, I now have a host of other non-chemical remedies to try again.

One thing Wilma suggested was this: feed them a mixture of 1 part active dry yeast, 2 parts molasses, and 1 part sugar. They will be attracted to the sugar in the mixture and will eat it readily. Once consumed the yeast will produce gas in the ant, and because they can't expel the gas, it will kill them. I had to laugh. I have this image of a billion ants all farting all over the house. I wonder what ant farts smell like? (Hey--this whole thing has made me just a little bit nuttier than usual!)

If nothing else, it gives me something to do other than tear my hair out because I can't get rid of them. Everybody needs a hobby.

Sarah moved in yesterday.  I'm not sure how she feels about the ants.  She was surprised to find I'm still keeping food in the freezer, but I assured her the ants die before they're ever able to get to any food.

She's a very sweet girl--makes me feel very old because she looks like she's young enough to be Jeri's daughter, if Jeri had had children very early. 

I haven't seen much of her, though.  She has a full plate--more than a full load at school, plus a night job, so we chatted when she first moved in, but then she went to her room to study, and when she went off to work, I was on the phone talking to Priscilla, so I just waved to her.  I was asleep when she got home from work.  If the next 9 days are like this, I may never get to know her at all!

Priscilla was encouraged.  She's been searching for her mother for several weeks and finally found her.  The mother has had a lot of health problems and Priscilla's brother took charge of her after she had a stroke a year ago  It's a strange family dynamic.  For some reason, the brother banned all family members from coming to see the mother.  When the mother had her leg amputated because of complications of diabetes and the brother discovered Priscilla had been to see her in the hospital, he moved her to a hidden location.

Priscilla has been frantic.  The brother has power of attorney and she's afraid that he was mistreating the mother.  We've been working on finding an attorney or the right legal entity to help her.

Finally the police found the mother and yes, she's being mistreated, and Priscilla thinks the authorities are going to let her take her to her own home and take away the brother's power of attorney.  So she's put me on notice that she will need a ride when they tell her she can go to get the mother. 

Another adventure for me!

I'm also scheduled to take a new client to the prison on Sunday.   Now that I'm such an expert on the California prison system, Breaking Barriers has decided I'm a good chauffeur for women who need rides to visit loved ones behind bars.   Never dreamed I'd be spending so much time on prison grounds before!

I'm hoping that the day isn't too hot, so I can take a walk around the nearby lake again.

This time I'll be carrying water with me!

Steve and I had such fun yesterday--it's the miracle of modern technology at its best, I'll tell ya.  He recently got a new computer that will let him record his own music.  Essentially, he has a recording studio on his desktop and he's just been in hog heaven.

He's written and/or arranged songs (which will eventually be up on his web site to be downloaded by anybody) and is just so excited about the work he's doing.  So he e-mailed me to get on chat, and I did.  We sat on chat for about an hour and a half while he e-mailed me each song and then after I received it, we'd listen to it together and make comments about it.

Most fun I've had on line in a long time.  The songs are wonderful. I've been playing them over and over again, and they just keep sounding better (but don't tell Steve I said so--he doesn't need the ego boost). When they get uploaded, I'll give you the link so you can see for yourself. They're MP3 files, so you have to download to your hard drive first--but it's worth it.

FLASH!--The songs are now uploaded to Steve's directory. Check 'em out!

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