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30 October 2001

I should be transcribing. But John Denver is singing. How can I type when John Denver is singing? I made the mistake of putting on my new CD ("Sing Australia") as background music while I worked. Well, scratch that! This was Denver's last tour to Australia and though most of the music is familiar, the performance is new and it's a terrific CD.

Besides, it's hard to sit down to my third job for the day! Thank goodness I had 12 hours, more or less, of sleep last night.

I decided to go to the office a couple of hours before I had to. I was supposed to start at noon, but I went in at 10 to try to clear away a little of the work we piled up on Sunday. What with patients coming in, the phone ringing off the hook, and then discovering even MORE screw-ups by F, it was 6:30 before I got out of there. Thank goodness I'd thought to bring a sandwich.

D came around 3 and we went over more stuff and found more and more that made her shake her head and Dr. G just sigh and roll his eyes.

You know what I can't understand? I can understand walking out of a job and leaving this horrendous mess for someone else to sort out, if you were walking away and not looking back. But F is STILL THERE in the office!!! She's no longer working for Dr. G but is working for the nurse practitioner who shares office space. So she sees D and me struggling to straighten out her mess. I just can't even imagine being in that position. If I'd screwed up as badly as she has, I would be mortified and wouldn't want to show my face there ever again. Certainly not be bouncing around the office laughing and chattering as if it were the most normal thing in the world for D and I to be sitting there buried in her crap trying to figure out what the hell she did.

I even told Dr. G tonight that I figured that this was so royally screwed up that nothing I could do could possibly look bad. He laughed.

When I left the office at 6:30 tonight, I was so tired I felt like I'd been running a marathon. But my work day was only half over. I raced home, fed the dog, grabbed a tape recorder and headed off to the theatre.

Time to don the "reporter" hat.

I was interviewing the high school drama teacher about the upcoming school production of The Rover, which is a kind of bawdy Restoration Comedy written by Aphra Behn, who is considered the first professional female playwright in England.

It's kind of unusual fare for high school kids, and at least one parent is upset that his daughter is in a "smutty play," so it was interesting to talk with the teacher and her assistant (who is actually directing the play himself). The teacher had specifically asked for me to write the story because she claims that she's a "bad interview" and she knew I'd do a good job of interpreting her words. However, she actually gave an excellent interview.

I don't know if it was my technique or not. I learned from doing a bazillion interviews of folks for the Lamplighter history project that it worked best to keep steady eye contact, keep the tone conversational, keep the tape recorder running, and try not to call attention to the fact that there is a tape recorder there. That way people seem to lose their nervousness very quickly and it becomes a chat between two friends--but when it's all over, I have it all on tape.

I hope that the transcription (which I'm not even going to think about doing tonight!) reads as good as it sounded like it was going to when we were talking. This should be an easier feature to write than the one I did on Little Shop of Horrors last week.

So when the interview was over, I came home, told Walt he was on his own for dinner, and came into the office to start doing transcription. I have not only the ubiquitous psychiatrist tape, but now Dr. G's transcription too, which he asked if I would mind taking on. It's no problem to take on his transcription, but I'm not going to be able to spend all day and half the night at the office and get his transcription done too!

Tomorrow my day starts early. The first patient is at 9, and I should get there by 8. Walt frequently doesn't leave for work by 8 a.m., so if he dallies these days, he may find that he's not only on his own for dinner, but for breakfast as well, at least on the two "morning appointment" days!

I feel like I'm running in adrenalin tonight. My adrenalin isn't used to pumping like this!

But John is still singing. And it's nice to lean back, close my eyes for a minute and just enjoy the music. I think I've earned that much of a break, at least.

One Year Ago:
Look to the Rainbow
(Peggy left one year ago today.
I miss her as much today as I did then)

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