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3 October 2001

Ever since we returned from Scotland, I feel that my creativity has gone down the tubes. Each night I sit here thinking "what am I going to write about?" I'm also so tired and not really sure why. I just can't seem to stop yawning and have frequently nodded off around dinnertime.

Maybe it's the heat. It's October and we should be having nice fall days, but the temps have been hitting the upper 90s and lower 100s for the last few days. While it doesn't really affect me here in the house, the air just feels "heavier" and maybe that's slowing me down. I just don't know.

Since I have zero creativity tonight, I'll resort to doing the silly thing of writing about "how I spent my day." What an odd thing to write about in a daily journal.

So how did I spend my day. It was up at 6 as usual, fix coffee, wake Walt, sit at computer and read journals until he comes down for breakfast, burn a couple of pieces of toast and fix a couple of sandwiches for his lunch and then come back to the computer. Well, isn't that exciting.

I spent a good portion of the morning uploading three slide shows to a wonderful new website that a guy set up so that those of us who use Pictures to EXE can show off. The page is Beechbrook Cottage and I uploaded my very favorite slide show, which is a trip we took to Daffodil Hill, in the Sierras, a year ago. I also uploaded the slide show I made after my trip to the Tulip Festival near Seattle. And finally, I uploaded one part of the pictures I took on our trip--this one is our day on the island of Hoy and gives an idea of what The Orkneys are really like.  (Did you also notice that I've uploaded 60 pictures from the vacation to Club Photo?)

But I also downloaded the other slide shows that other people have put on the page. There is a wonderfully moving remembrance of the World Trade Center disaster, as well as trips to England and France by the owner of the page, a beautiful Mother's Day tribute to the mother of the maker of this particular slide show, and one about United Way.

It's neat to compare notes and see how other people are using this program. I sure have gotten a lot out of it (as if you couldn't guess!)

I was very grateful that I have a pop-up calendar reminder on this machine or I would have completely forgotten my lunch date with my friend Barb. I had been out earlier to stop by Kaiser to pick up a prescription refill and the plans for lunch just completely went out of my head, so I was very surprised when the calendar popped up to remind me.

Barb and I used to work together back in the days when I managed the medical office. She's the one friend I've remained close to from those days. Well, there are others from the office that I see occasionally, but Barb and I try to have lunch together every couple of months or so. Usually during the lunches she regales me with tales of the continuing decline of the quality of the office, in-office fighting and all sorts of things that make me very happy I'm not there to watch this place I once loved very much sink so low.

It should be interesting on Thursday when I have a lunch date with my former boss, the doctor who started this office! I suspect that he won't have as many horror tales as Barb did.

In the afternoon I had a call from my friend Laura, who lives in Southern California. Her niece is going to school here in town and had planned to do one of those semesters abroad, spending her fall semester in Spain. However, the current world situation has caused her to rethink those plans. But the niece had already given up her apartment. She's found another apartment, but has a 10 day space where she has no place to live, so Laura wondered if we could give her a room for 10 days. We can. She moves in tomorrow. I hope Laura has warned her about this house.

Laura's a wonderful person. I met her on line, and then in person and we have become good friends. When Paul died and our mutual friend David drove up from LA to officiate at Paul's graveside services, Laura, whom at that time I'd only seen once, came with him and just helped take care of us all for nearly a week. I've always been grateful to her for that, and I'm glad that our friendship has grown stronger. It will be a pleasure to have her niece here for a bit.

In the evening, Walt went off to the theatre to work on Mikado sets and while he was gone, Ned dropped by to play for me the song he and his friend KC had recorded over the weekend. It's called "We're Going to War" and I would say that it's not entirely serious. In fact, it's not serious at all. But he's making a statement.

Walt came home, the ants hadn't eaten his dinner this time, and he's now gone off to bed. And now that I have written this pretty boring journal entry, so shall I. I have to get up and corral a few dust bunnies before our new guest arrives tomorrow.

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