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26 October 2001

I wasn't in the office more than 20 minutes today before I was standing by an exam table watching Dr. G do a breast exam and looking at the patient's ovaries on the tiny ultrasound screen, as he poked the ultrasound wand inside her vagina. Talk about getting intimate with your job right away!

It wasn't on the schedule for me to work today, nor for me to meet with Dr. G to have any further orientation, but he thought maybe F, the woman I'm replacing, could give me a tour of her desk and "show me a little" about what she does.

F turns out to be a very nice woman whom I like a lot, who seems to have a pretty low opinion of herself, as she kept telling me over and over again about how she'd "screwed up" and how she didn't have a head for things like this, etc. Unfortunately, I identified with most of what she said myself!

By coincidence, she took on my job at Sutter Women's Health after I left, but only lasted a few months because she couldn't deal with all the difficult personalities there. But we compared notes on people we knew and various parts of the job that frustrated both of us.

And in the process, she did give me a tour of her desk, the supply closet, and the drug room. She told me so much that I don't remember a fraction of it.

My head is spinning right now. There is so much to remember. I know that I don't have to pass a test on my first day, and that as I start having hands on experience I'll begin to sort it all out, but right now the knowledge that I'm totally on my own tomorrow is pretty frightening.

D is coming by at the end of the day tomorrow to give me more instruction in back office procedures--I know what my duties entail, but I don't yet know how to do them, for example.

It seems that I've gone from five years of sitting on my butt staring at this computer screen to overload in an eyeblink.

As I sit here at 11:30 p.m., having just returned from the opening night production of Elton John & Tim Rice's Aida what is facing me is:

  • 3 psychiatrist tapes, one of which needs to be transcribed for him by the morning.
  • 1 psychologist tape that needs to be transcribed by tomorrow--all 15 pgs of it
  • The Aida review, which I have to write right now
  • Finish reading and checking links of the nominees for the Diarist Awards
  • A feature article on Little Shop of Horrors that has to be sent Friday (and I have to interview some of the cast first).
  • The Little Shop rehearsal tomorrow night to do the interviews for the article I have to write when I get back from rehearsal.
  • My first day of work on my own during the day tomorrow
  • A dentist appointment Friday morning/
  • A production of The Mikado Friday night (This is the show Walt is working on and I don't really have any burning desire to see it, but everybody in the company wonders when I'm coming, so I'll have to do it to show I'm not a snob.)
  • Opening night of The Last Session on Saturday.
  • Interview with the high school drama teacher about the coming high school production for the feature article I have to write NEXT week.
  • Writing the article

...and that's just for starters!

So what am I doing? The review is 1/3 written and I'm taking time out to write an entry for my journal.

And just to make this even more fun, next week is a three show week:

  • Review Little Shop of Horrors on Friday night
  • See The Last Session (again) with Ned and Marta Saturday night.
  • Review A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum for the Sunday matinee.

(at least I don't have to review The Last Session.)

I'm going to have to start organizing my time a little better from now on, I have a feeling, especially since Dr. G wants me to start doing his transcription too.   Yikes!

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