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22 October 2001

If pregnant woman get the nesting instinct just before they give birth, what happens when you're spending your last day at home before returning to work?

I start my orientation tomorrow, just one hour tomorrow, and one hour the next day, and then nothing on Wednesday and we'll figure out what the hour(s) will be on Thursday (Fridays the office is closed). So it's not like I'm suddenly going to be thrust into a full time job, but I've spent the day uncharacteristcally doing house stuff.

I got my shrine to unfolded laundry taken care of. I even sat down for half an hour and tried to match sox. Can you please tell me how a person can have 15 single black sox and none of them match? I have a sneaking suspicion that one reason I can't find mates for some of these sox is that one of a pair managed to sneak into a bleach wash and it so changed the color that it's unidentifiable as a match to anything.

However, I was able to match a surprising number of sox after all. In fact my sock drawers were too full and I had to go to an overflow drawer. Amazing. And here I've been wearing the same two or three pairs for a long time because I thought I'd lost half of most of my pairs of sox. Amazing what happens when you take time to really work at matching things.

Then I swept and washed the kitchen floor. Those who know this house won't be impressed. It's slightly larger than a postage stamp, but hey--for me, it's a big deal. Clean linoleum. Woohoo!

Finally...oh, it pains me to actually admit this.... (Mary and Ellen, please stop reading. I'm so ashamed) ....I ..... ironed. I've been looking at my pathetic wardrobe and realized that I probably won't make much of an impression if I show up in the same wrinkled, threadbare muumuu that I've lived in this summer. So I started taking stock of what I have that's fit to be seen in public and which won't get me fired the first week.

The collection includes four dresses which I bought a year ago. They are quite versatile, and comfy and don't make me look like I was put together by Omar the Tentmaker.

But they have also been sitting in a lump on a table in the bedroom for so long that they have accumulated dust. When unearthed, a quick glance lets me know that there is no hope for it. I simply have to iron.

When my friend Lynn was here from Texas in January, she moved the ironing board and iron to the upstairs bedroom, reasoning that she would use it more than I would. It has been up there ever since she went home in February. Which tells you how long it's been since I thought of ironing anything. But I'm the Happy Homemaker today, and it goes with the territory. I'm sure my mother will be so proud.

With all this uncharacteristic house stuff done, it was time to get back to normal, and so I've spent the rest of the day at the computer. I'm finishing up transcription (yes, I'll continue to do transcription after I start the new job. In fact, I may be doing more of it, since Dr. G has asked if I would consider taking on his dictation as well), and I also discovered four sets of digital photo disks that haven't made it to slide shows yet. I thought for sure I'd done them all, but I haven't, so I started working on the first one...a show which will be so incredibly forgettable that I might not even bore anybody with it when it's all finished. (Anybody know a good song to accompany pictures of a condom give-away?)

And then, of course, I found another disk that had some interesting pictures I'd completely forgotten about, and I got so engrossed in working with them that it was midnight before I even looked up.  But the end result is something that I'm pleased with, so it wasn't a total loss.

Walt got home from Lake Tahoe in time to get to the theatre and work backstage for The Mikado. Before he left for the theatre, he opened the dishwasher and discovered that it was full of water. I'd run a load of dishes last night and never opened the machine to put them away, so didn't realize that we had some sort of a problem here.

I knew things were going too well around here.

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