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21 October 2001

Walt has gone off to Lake Tahoe today. He usually accompanies his mother when she attends the homeowners' meetings there, but the altitude has been bothering her lately, so she opted out this time and Walt's on his own. He decided to take advantage of the opportunity of being in the mountains to take a day off and just relax, so I've been lounging around at home all day myself.

  I remembered one last slide show that I hadn't done, of all the digital pictures I've taken since I got the digital camera, so I put that together. It involved going back to iMesh and downloading some appropriate music.  So nice to have that capability now.

Yes, I got the job. I start next week, with orientation for an hour on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Now that it's a done deal, it's a little scary. I'm actually going to work after five years at home.

I've had some feedback from people who know my new boss. It's going to be interesting getting to know his quirks. One person says:

I really dont know much about the guy except that he was wierd to work for...demanding in an odd way...very friendly though

A midwife who worked with him at the hospital says:

He is kind of arrogant and has his own way of doing things.... I wouldn't work for him as a provider, but an office person might be fine. He might be kind of controlling.

Well, it doesn't sound that bad. And as more than one person has pointed out, if it turns out that he's really difficult to work for, I'm not bonded to him forever. I'm going in with a positive attitude and looking forward to learning new things. I know I have to learn how to take a blood pressure, and that scary accounting. But I'm not a stupid person. I know I'm capable of doing this.

One thing that will help a lot is that his office is not yet computerized, so there will be no temptation to just take a minute to check e-mail or play just one game of something or other.

I attended a rehearsal for A Little Shop of Horrors last night. I'm supposed to be doing a feature article on this show. This is another relatively new thing for me. I've done a few feature articles, but I'm still kind of struggling with how to make a story long enough. It was helpful to see the rehearsal and to check out feature articles that the other theatre critic has done, which gives me an idea how to handle this one.

It looks like it's going to be a fun show, though my editor won't let me go with the lead in that I want.

For those not familiar with the show, Seymour, a meek little flowershop clerk has a hobby of propagating unusual plants. He acquires a strange succulent that he nurtures. It's such an unusual plant that putting it on display in the window brings customers into the struggling florist shop. Only it turns out that the plant, which he names Audrey-II (because the girl he's smitten with is named Audrey), turns out to be a blood-eating plant. Seymour accidentally discovers this when he pricks his finger and the blood drops on the plant. Audrey-II begins to grow and grow, fed by drops of Seymour's blood. But as the plant gets bigger, it no longer is content with drops of blood. It now can also talk and begins eating bigger things--like people. Eventually, by the end of the show, it has eaten everyone.

I wanted to lead the story with "biological terror is alive and well at UC Davis..." but my editor thinks we'd get negative feedback with that sort of lead-in, so I have to find another way of catching people's attention at the start of the article.

The editor pointed out that if I do this story, and then a feature story on the upcoming high school production, it will mean that I will have had three out of four cover stories in the Weekend section this month. Not bad!

Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to write. I hate that part. Who was it that said "I hate writing; I love having written." I generally am pleased with what I write when I go back and re-read it, but the writing process is like pulling teeth. Maybe that means I'm a "real" writer.

A year ago, Peggy and I were in Seattle with Diane, and we were wandering around in the rain, looking at the gorgeous fall color.  What a special time that was!  How I wish we could spend time together like that again.

But for the next best thing, there is an absolutely gorgeous slide show that someone uploaded to Beechbrook CottageI highly recommend checking "Fall Color 2001."  Definitely worth the time it takes to download.

One Year Ago:
Singing and Laughing in the Rain

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