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20 October 2001

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be a mother. Your children never let you forget a single "mistake" you made...though I still say it wasn't a mistake.

Today I'm "pug sitting." The manager is on a termite hunt at Ned & Marta's house (I envision guns, nets, and traps) and Ned decided it would be easier for the bug man if the pugs weren't at home, so they've come to spend the day with their cousin Kimba.

The pugs are never any trouble. Kimba likes them, they get along well, they know how to go in and out via the dog door, and except for the very loud snoring and the snuffling that is par for the course with those pushed-in-noses dogs, I hardly even know they're here.

BooBoo (the pugs are named Yogi and BooBoo) has been lying here sweetly snoring near my desk. Such a nice little dog.

Yogi has been out in the family room sleeping by my recliner.

I had to run an errand and was gone just about 10 minutes. When I came back, Yogi was still sleeping by the recliner, BooBoo was still sleeping in my office--and everything in my wastebasket had been strewn all over my office! Unfortunately, the waste basket is almost at the "it's time to empty me" stage, so it was a lot of stuff. I was not a happy camper.

I sent an email off to Ned at work:

She can't fool me. That BooBoo is an evil dog. She's been sleeping here in my office all day and I left the house for 10 minutes. When I cam back, there was garbage EVERYWHERE.

By return email, Ned responded:

Are you sure it was BooBoo? It sounds more like the work of her brother to me. You know those girls... they know better.

Ned is referring back to a time years ago when the kids were much, much younger. An incident nobody (except Jeri) has ever let me forget.

I can't remember all the details, but I found that someone had been playing with matches in the bathroom. Playing with matches was a definite no-no around here and it was left to me to figure out who did it, because they all dramatically professed their innocence.

I was pretty sure David had done it. That's the sort of thing he would be likely to do. But it could have been any one of the boys, who were always pushing the limit and seeing what they could get away with. Jeri, who was the oldest, the most responsible, and who rarely did anything of any major consequence to require punishment, was pretty much out of consideration as a possible suspect.

So I banished all the boys to their room and told them I would interview them one by one. I can't remember what else I said but I was going to punish all of them if someone didn't confess and I promised that if the guilty party confessed, I would not reveal to anybody else who it was.

The boys all set up a wail about unfairness and why was Jeri not being punished. That was when I uttered those infamous words which have haunted me for the next 20 years: "Because Jeri knows better."

Twenty years later, I'm still being given a hard time about that.

But she did know better. It was Paul, after all, who had done it, and who tearfully confessed. But that doesn't alter the fact that I spoke those words: Jeri knows better.

I think Jeri and I both have gone through twenty years of hell over that and I suspect that in retrospect she would rather have been punished along with the boys.

(I still don't know if it was Yogi or BooBoo who dumped the garbage, but now that I look at the two of them, Yogi is the one who won't make eye contact. I suspect Ned's right--BooBoo probably knows better.)

An article I wrote on our trip to England was printed as the cover story in our local paper's Weekend section yesterday.  I knew it was going to be a feature story, but even I wasn't prepared for how ostentatious it is.  Below is the cover (all the photos are ones I supplied)--the article itself is 5 pages long and contains five more photos!

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