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2 October 2001

Is this what it was like during World War II? Very few of us (except Doug, of course) remember back then. It's a whole new world for us. But life continues to be very surreal.

I've started listening more to commercials than to the news. It started when I heard about "The American Freedom Collection." A whole buncha flags that you can get if you call within the next ten minutes. There is "Old Glory," a big flag that you can fly from your house. And then there are several large flag decals that you can move to different surfaces. "Looks great on car windows," the commercial says. "Affix to any smooth service," it says, as it shows a woman smoothing it out on a tray on which she will serve hors d’hoeuvres. You also get the "God bless America flag," which you can attach to your car antenna. And then, of course, there is the lapel pin. Only 14.99 plus shipping for the lot. Show you're a proud American.

Then there's the mortgage company which is advertising that we should all be good Americans and borrow money which will help boost the economy. Whoopie! I'm a proud American--I can incur debt for my country!

Politicians are encouraging us all to show our patriotism by traveling around the country and spending money. Travel agents are having a hay day.

Oh, I don't doubt the patriotism of most people flying the flag, but it's my old cynicism coming out--or maybe I've been listening to Ned for too long. I just get angry when I see entrepreneurs trying to make a buck on the heels of a tragedy like this.

In other topics....it's time for Kelli and Sarah to go do something else....the ants are back. In spades. I was doing really well with the cinnamon, I thought, but when we came home from Orkney, the mountain of dead ants in the freezer was really impressive. I've managed to keep them out of some areas, but there seems to be a new really aggressive strain that is bound and determined to win at all costs.

Tonight Walt was going to be working on Mikado sets at the theatre and got home from work so late that there was no time for him to eat dinner before he had to rush off to the theatre. I was planning to make chicken burritos and put a chicken breast on to steam (I was trying to see if I could get some flavor in it by steaming it in water that had chili powder in it. I did.)

Anyway, I fixed my own dinner and then left the cut up pieces of chicken in the pot over the warm water to keep a bit warm before I fixed Walt's dinner. There were no ants in sight and it never occurred to me that a closed pot on the stove, that was sort of warm, would attract ants.

When he came home, I went to get the chicken out of the pot and the entire counter and stove looked like a project for a National Geographic project. I've never seen so many ants in one place in the years we've been here. They were having a wonderful feast on the chicken. (Walt said "I suppose you could just rinse it off"!!! I didn't. I cooked another chicken breast.)

Walt is less squeamish than I am. He just swept all the ants off onto his and and arm and rinshed them off in the sink. But still the troops kept coming, swarming in over the counter. I sprinkled cinnamon and they stopped coming in over the counter and started coming in from underneath (where you can't sprinkle cinnamon--no dummies, these ants!)

We've washed and wiped and sprayed and still they come.  It's the Taliban of the ant world.

Walt actually got involved in watching one ant trying to carry off a piece of something that was easily twice his size, so it at least provided some amusement for him (better than TV, I'm sure).

But I won't think about that tonight. I'll worry about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is....another day.

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