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18 October 2001

I don't officially have the new job yet, but I've had correspondence and a conversation with my old boss, whose name I gave as a reference. I wrote to him:

Dr. G is going to call to ask you to about me. I've applied to run his office, which seems to be perfect for me, since it's part time, which I was hoping for--and at a good salary.

So make me sound good, please, even if you have to lie!

He wrote back:

I am capable of an occasional lie-- but in your case I will not need to do that!!

Well THAT made me feel very good. But then we talked by phone, because he and I are arranging for Steve to come up here to give a presentation on End of Life issues to the staff of the medical group. When we spoke, he said I should interview the doctor as much as he interviews me. (This guy was a fill-in doctor in our office for awhile, so my old boss knows him.) "When he was here," he said, "He left some 'tracks.'" He didn't elaborate, but indicated that my prospective new boss has "a short fuse" and was "somewhat intolerant."

I wonder what that means. I wonder what he's "somewhat intolerant" of. I did get the feeling that he doesn't think much of primary care by non-physicians. The office where I worked was a collaborative practice, with nurse practitioners on a more or less equal level with the physicians. I got a hint that this is not OK with the new doctor. But then his office isn't set up for nurse practitioners, so it's not likely to be an issue that will be a factor.

Well--it will be interesting. I sent off an e-mail to a friend who also worked with him to ask what her memories are of him and what those "intolerances" might be. I can probably handle a "short fuse." Anger makes me uncomfortable, but I grew up with it and am good at sublimating.

I guess no job is perfect. We'll just have to see how this one progresses. As a friend said this morning, when I told him about the possibility of the job, "I don't pray for outcomes anymore (merely acceptance of whatever the outcome is)." So I'll just accept what comes along and figure that if I'm supposed to have this job, I'll figure out some way of doing the job well. And if it's not offered to me, I wasn't supposed to have it after all.

(See? Already I have new stuff to write about here!)

Tonight we went down to the first preview performance of The Last Session in San Francisco. Gosh. We haven't seen TLS since...oh....July! Two whole months without seeing a performance of this show. How did we live?

It's a good production, and should be even better by opening night, the 27th, by which time it will have several preview performances to work out the kinks and have the actors feel more comfortable in their roles.

Ironically, the director for this show is someone we knew years ago here in Davis, when he was kind of run out of town for misuse of funds or some such thing. It all happened about 25 years ago and it was kind of a surprise to have him turn up and directing TLS of all things.

He doesn't remember me, I know--and I'm considerably larger than I was then anyway--but I greeted him with "the last time I saw you, you were wearing a blue tuxedo with a frilly shirt front." He was somewhat taken aback.

But now we're home from San Francisco, it's after midnight and I'm going to go to bed so I can get up at 4 and transcribe the tapes that I didn't get done this afternoon as I fielded constant emails and phone calls from "Peggys." There are too many Peggys in my life. In addition to Australia Peggy, there is Sutter Peggy, who is coordinating Steve's appearance for the medical staff next month, and there is UC Davis Peggy, who is directing a show that I have to write a story about next week. Every time I turned around this afternoon there was SOMETHING from one or two of the Peggys in my email box.

Tomorrow I'm leaving at the crack of dawn to get Priscilla. It's "spring Mama" day and so we're going back on another little 300 mile jaunt and hope to have "Mama" safely ensconced in Priscilla's house by the end of the day.

I wonder what can go wrong this time!!

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