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15 October 2001

Sarah is gone.

I hardly knew she was here.

She moved in 13 days ago, when she found herself between apartments. She had planned to spend the fall semester in Spain, but with the uncertain condition of the world right now, she decided to stay here and do her final semester on US soil.

But she had given up her apartment and the new one she found wouldn't be available for 2 weeks. She was crashing at a friend's apartment with seven other people, sharing a couch with someone else, and that just wasn't conducive to studying.

So her aunt, my friend Laura, wrote to ask if Sarah could move in here for a bit. We had this perfectly good, perfectly pink room just sitting there, so Walt moved all his piles of newspapers and magazines off the bed and Sarah moved in.

I wasn't sure what to expect. We've had lots and lots of folks staying here over the years, but Sarah was very definitely the least trouble! In fact she's been here for 2 weeks and I've hardly seen--or heard her. She comes in so stealthily I'm not aware of her entering. I happened to run into her as she was coming home from class the other day--and I thought she was still sleeping upstairs.

I'm not sure if she tiptoed around the bedroom, but I hardly ever even heard footsteps overhead.

I tried to let her know that she could feel free to use the kitchen, but I think she was creeped out by the ants. I've become so accustomed to them, it doesn't occur to me that strangers would have that 'ick factor' on seeing them for the first time.

Oh they are out in full force today! Walt's convinced this is a terrorist plot. Some folks get anthrax; we get ant tracks.

I made pancakes for myself this morning. Putting it delicately, pancakes with butter and syrup have always acted as a kind of natural laxative for me, and I was feeling the need of one, so I indulged in a food I have not had in a very long time. I was not disappointed in the expected results.

But I forgot to put the syrup back in the refrigerator. A little while later, Sarah had come downstairs to do her laundry before packing the car to leave and she said "oh my--the ants are very active today." They didn't look any more "active" to me than normal, but then I happened to glance at the counter where I'd mistakenly left the syrup. Even I got the "ick factor." My word. If we had as many foot soldiers in Afghanistan as I had ants on my counter, bin Laden wouldn't have a chance.

There was no point in trying to wipe them off the syrup. I just got a plastic baggie and bagged the whole thing up and threw it in the garbage. Same with the brand new bag of dogfood I opened yesterday. There was no way Kimba was going to eat food that was alive with thousands of ants. (Fortunately, I had poured most of the dog food into a container with a tight-fitting lid; the ants only got the stuff that wouldn't fit in the container.)

I went to get some mayonnaise out of the refrigerator to make a sandwich and discovered that the handle was alive with ants--they've never invaded the refrigerator side of the side-by-side before. When I opened the refrigerator door, there they were, licking their little chops, rubbing their many feet together with glee, and eyeing the stuff in the fridge itself.

Now they've gone too far.

We've declared war on ants.

We will not negotiate.

We will ferret them out and we will destroy them.

We are taking strong precautions; will are vigilant.

We will prevail.

Just as soon as Walt finds the cause for the flood under the kitchen sink.

FOLLOW UP: Ibuprofen is a wonderful drug. I can move my head from side to side again. Yay!

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