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11 October 2001

I've never understood how some people can be lucky at gambling and some can't. I had a call from a friend today telling me she had done some gambling last night. She'd previously visited our local Indian gambling casino and went home $500 richer. She took that $500 and went to play again. It was "found money," she reasoned, so she could afford to lose it. She lost it all, but decided to try $50 of her own money, and went home with $900.

This is a person who just learned pai gow a year or so ago and thought she'd go to a local place and practice. She walked out with enough winnings that she was able to buy a top of the line computer on the way home, and pay cash.

We have another friend who plays the horses. Granted there is probably a bit of skill in betting horses, but there's also a lot of luck. I've seen her win and lose thousands of dollars in a short time in the pit at a Vegas casino. She once won enough money that she was able to buy a house in the Hollywood hills and pay cash.

I am not and have never been a gambler. And even if I were a person who enjoys gambling, my career would be short-lived because I'm one of the most unlucky people on the face of the planet when it comes to games of chance.

Maybe my problem is that I hate to part with money with nothing tangible to show for it. Maybe to be a successful gambler you have to throw caution to the wind and just spend...spend...spend. I've heard of people who set aside $xxx and figure that's their entertainment. Heck, I want more than a few minutes' pleasure from my $xxx. It's not fun for me to continually lose...and the record shows that is what happens.

My run of bad luck started at a county fair when I was in high school. Now, I will admit that midway games aren't exactly gambling. More like a sure win for the barker. But there was this camera. A Polaroid. I desperately wanted that camera. I spent all my money trying to throw a ring and hook the camera. When I ran out of money, I spent all my boyfriend's money. And then all the money that the people who came with us brought. In the end, we were broke and I hadn't won the camera, but I had ruined our fun at the fair. That was the last time I ever played any midway game.

I have occasionally played the slots in Reno or Las Vegas. Always with dismal results. I find the slot machines very depressing. You're in this huge room with constant noise and flashing lights. Around you everywhere are all sorts of people hoping for that Big Win. The problem is that they seem to be hypnotized. They pull the handle on the machines like robots, with the expression on their faces never changing whether they win or lose. Just plunk another quarter in the machine and keep on. You'd think they'd at least be a little excited at a win, but they just sit there, pulling that handle.

I once stood in the casino next to the Big Wheel where you can win thousands of dollars. I was waiting for someone who had gone off to the bathroom. In the time it took to relieve herself, the person at the Big Wheel lost $500 and didn't seem even fazed.

Walt and I gave up gambling one weekend where we lost every penny we brought with us to the club. I mean that literally. At that time, there were still penny slot machines you could play and we plunked in 27 cents and in a matter of seconds had lost every single penny. That was the end of our big gambling careers.

Usually when we have foreign students staying with us, they want to go to Reno, since it's so close. I remember taking one guy who insisted I play the slots. I told him there was no point because I only lose. He was having a good run at the time and he gave me a whole cup full of dimes and told me to have fun. Five minutes later the dimes were gone. I think I might have won a small jackpot or two, but nothing that came close to matching the money I'd already plunked in. It wasn't my money, so I hadn't really lost anything, but my luck--or lack of same-- held fast.

When we went to Ireland a few years back, cousin Nora took us to the race track in Dublin. A great afternoon which I loved because I love horses and I just loved watching all the activity. But Nora insisted we place a few wagers. She had a win for the afternoon and every single horse I picked lost. Obviously there is no way I'm going to be able to buy a house and pay cash from track winnings.

I don't really care that gambling is not my forte. There are a lot of other things to do for fun. They say that people who are unlucky at cards (or gambling) are lucky in love. I have no complaints in that department, so I guess I should just consider myself lucky anyway--and stay away from the casinos.

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