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9 November 2001

Sit there reading this entry and do not think about the word "elephant."

Remember that exercise? As soon as someone plants the idea in your mind that's all you can think about. I'm writing this journal entry, but in the back of my mind, all I can think about is being at the San Francisco zoo and watching the elephants blowing straw over their backs.

Truth be told, I rarely sit here at my computer thinking of elephants. But now that I've mentioned them, I will be thinking about elephants until I finish writing this entry.

(How are you doing? Are you thinking about elephants?)

I mention this because I received an e-mail from Peggy this morning, written from work. It was about two hours before our usual morning chat and she was writing to let me know that her computer had crashed (again; this is a regular event) and so she would be taking it to her friend, the aforementioned Monty, who, with luck, will get her back up and running over the weekend.

But obviously this means no chats for the next few days, and unless she has a slow night at work, no e-mail either.

Naturally ever since I received the e-mail, all I can think about are things I wanted to tell her or ask her.

(You're not thinking about elephants, are you?)

Did she get the photos I sent last night, showing the ridiculously huge boxes that Buy.com sent her teeny memory chip and memory chip reader in?

boxpic1.jpg (13454 bytes)boxpic2.jpg (13406 bytes)

(She buys a lot in this country, has it shipped to me, because she generally can't get it shipped to Australia, and I send on to her. People at the post office think I must have a crush on one of the clerks, I'm there so often!)

I want to tell her about the dream I had last night, where we were standing in a barn, getting ready to drive her to the airport and she was trying to unbraid my hair (interesting, since I have such short hair--and in the dream, my hair was blonde).

I want to let her know that I may have someone who can deliver something to her in person next month so I don't have to ship it and risk having it get lost in the mail.

I want to ask her if she downloaded this fantastic slide show that was recently put up on Beechbrook and talk with her about what an incredibly dramatic show it is (it's called "September 11, 2001" and is a zipped file. I recommend it highly)

I want to find out how her finger is doing. She's been fighting an infection which is, thank goodness, finally starting to heal.

I want to share with her the nice letter I got from my editor, saying how pleased he is that he decided to hire me, and saying he would have to find more opportunities for me to do feature articles.

I want to make sure she reads Marn's latest journal entry about foods she ate while on her vacation in Australia.

Of course, if Peggy's computer was up and running, we probably wouldn't discuss half of these, but the mere fact that we can't has all these thoughts zipping around in my head.

Since I can't chat with her, I guess I'll go out to the kitchen and get a snack. I don't know about you, but I have this terrible craving for peanuts...

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