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7 November 2001

Quick. Somebody toss a bucket of water on me so I can slowly melt into the floor, all my beautiful wickedness gone forever.

Not to kick a dead horse or anything...but I am the dead horse at the moment.

Lessee. For my part time job yesterday, I worked 9 hours. For my part time job today, I worked 8-1/2 hours. If I keep this up, I'll be getting overtime (which they don't have to pay you until you reach 40 hours per week) for my part time job!

I also worked last Sunday and plan to work this Sunday as well. Thank god there is a gathering of the Northern California journalists on Saturday, which I plan to attend, or I'd probably be at the office on Saturday as well. I love working part time. (Isn't there somebody out there who wants me to take them to see Last Session on Sunday, so I have to go to San Francisco instead of to work?)

The bad, horrible, terrible thing I did today mattered only to me: I misplaced my first paycheck. It just disappeared. It came in a huge envelope with a bunch of accounting papers, and I put the envelope on my desk so I could ask D, when she came by, to explain to me what I was supposed to do with it.

When D arrived, it was just--gone. How can I lose something in a 2 person office? All three of us (D, Dr. G and me) searched everywhere. It's too large an envelope to accidentally get in a patient's chart. It's also one of those awful-feeling thin-thin envelopes that are impossible to open. You'd notice it if you touched it. But it's not on my desk. It's not in any of the drawers, It's not inside any of the files I worked on. It's not in the stack of work I was going to ask D about, it's not on Dr. G's desk. It's not in any of the waste baskets. It didn't fall behind any piece of furniture. It's not on any shelf.

It's no great tragedy. It can't be cashed because it's not signed (I'm the one who signs my own paycheck). All I have to do is write a replacement check (the original came from the billing service, but it comes out of the same account, so I can write my own replacement check). But it's just irritating to know that it's got to be there SOMEWHERE and none of us can find it.

But D and I worked for a couple of hours and I feel so much more on top of things that I told her she didn't have to schedule a return and I'd call her with questions. She explained the big horrible thing I was embarrassed to admit I didn't know, and it's so simple that though it will be time consuming to double check on everything F did or didn't do, I now know what I'm doing.

Of course, today I learned something else nobody had mentioned to me--that being that I have to keep every label deposit separately--is it business income, is it outside work income, is it money that Dr. G has loaned the office? I hadn't been doing that because--nobody told me. F never did it. It makes sense, but I've just been too inundated to even stop to think logically.

(I did get a nice compliment from Dr. G today, though. He kept asking me to point out various things to the patient on the ultrasound screen--her ovaries, fluid in her bladder, the endometrial lining, blood vessels, etc. I got them all right and he told me I was a "quick study." I don't know if he was just putting me on, but I felt good about that. I'm so pathetic. Compliment me and I'll follow you anywhere. One of my friends keeps telling me I'm a people pleaser and that is my disease. He's right. I know he's right. Dr. G should be happy about that!)

We also found a lot more F never did. Each time we opened a file or an envelope, D would put her head in her hands and groan audibly and apologize to me for the mess she was leaving me.

At about 8-1/2 hours, I had hit the wall and couldn't even think logically. D was brain dead too, so we called it an afternoon. Tomorrow is the office afternoon day--when we don't start seeing patients until 1 and go until 6:30. But there are only two patients scheduled, at 3 and 3:30 and so if I go in early, I should have several hours to work uninterrupted by Dr. G's "oh--just one more thing..."

So I dragged myself home, knowing that I had to finish the tape for the psychiatrist that I didn't get done this morning. And what was here? Another tape from him.

And a note from the entertainment editor saying he'd hoped to have my Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum review this morning, but as long as it was waiting for him when he arrived, he could deal with it.

And a reminder from the Diarist.net panel that my votes for Quarter 3 award nominations are due tomorrow. (Fortunately I don't have a LOT more to do, but I still do have some more reading to do. I haven't a clue when I'll get to that.)

And then the psychologist called. I haven't heard from him in weeks—since before we went to England last time. "Is this a bad time?" he asked. Duhhh. He says he doesn't need his two tapes transcribed today. They can wait till the weekend. Swell.

So it looks like another long night of work and short night of sleep (why is this night different from other nights?).

The topper was that I inadvertently took a double dose of my antidepressant, which is a real no-no. Fortunately this isn't one of those put-you-to-sleep drugs and the danger of taking them too late at night is that they might rev you up too much so you can't get to sleep. I can already tell that my system is speeded up too much. Let's hope this helps me get everything done tonight. 

Hey--that might be a big advantage tonight!

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