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24 November 2001

This is what is called desperation. We are in the middle of a major storm. All power has gone out, so I'm on limited battery power on the laptop, have moved furniture so I can connect the laptop to the computer modem, and am sitting here typing in the dark, as the storm rages outside.

I also can't connect via my regular ISP (which is a local number, so obvioulsy out as well), so have gerry rigged a connection through compuserve. Is that pathetic or what? But at least I can continue to chat with Steve, put up a lame entry, and check journals.

I'm not addicted. Nah. Not me!

I came home a day early, having hitched a ride with Ned and Marta, and am glad I did. The others are still there with "treacherous winds" predicted over the passes, as well as lots of snow, so I don't know if they are going to try to come home or not. Of course I came home to transcribe and if this blackout lasts much longer, that's a lost cause!

Maybe I'll have to...gasp...read today!

One Year Ago:
Tears and Laughter

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