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10 November 2001

How depressing is it when you've been rejected by an on-line survey!

Greenfield tells me I've qualified to participate in a screener about food concepts. The Harris Poll keeps trying to get me to participate in a survey about cel phones, but since I almost never use one, and mine is so old it runs on gopher power, I have ignored them.

But food. Hey, I can do food. I have ideas about food concepts. Is this ever a survey ready-made for me!

So, confidently, I tapped my chubby fingers over the Greenfield and introduced myself. "Fill in your email address" the nice folks at Greenfield commanded.

I did what they asked. I pushed "next" and was taken to the next screen.

There was a series of age categories. It's still an adjustment for me to realize that when I check "age group" I'm generally in the highest one (unless it's a senior citizen survey, in which case I'm still a spring chicken).

When I clicked "55+" and then "next" up popped the screen "Thank you for taking this survey."


No survey?

They don't want to know what an old lady thinks about food concepts? Hey--I was eating before any of you pipsqueaks were born--and rather well, I might add. I didn't get this body by living on celery and bouillon. Don't I get to have a voice in upcoming food concepts?

OK--so I think that purple catsup idea was really dumb. Maybe all you kids think it's the best thing since sliced bread. But does that make me a person whose ideas are not worthy of consideration?

I've bought my share of candy cereals. I know about Frankenberry and Count Chocula and Rice Krispy Treat cereal. I paid a bazillion dollars for a lunchable pack for Walt. Once. (I figured out for the cost of that, I could have bought two loaves of bread and a pound of cheese and made my own lunchable).

But does this make me an unworthy person?

It's like being locked out of the clubhouse while all the kids are inside. You just know they're giggling about you.


I did something stupid today. I went to have lunch with a friend.

I rushed around here so I could get things done and spend the afternoon at lunch and visiting with her, getting all caught up on the exciting things that have been happening in both of our lives, since we haven't seen each other in several months and both of us have undergone rather significant changes in our lives.

I got to the restaurant we'd agreed on, at the time we'd agreed on. Only she didn't show up. I waited nearly an hour, but finally came home.

When I got home, I checked my calendar and sure enough--I had the wrong date. (Didn't I just do this a year ago? Sigh)

No wonder Greenfield doesn't want me. I'm obviously too stupid to have an opinion on anything.

One Year Ago:

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